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Crazy weather in Lebanon

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Seheile-Balloune road

The weather in Lebanon has officially gone crazy. I woke up yesterday to a sunny and hot weather, before it turned windy and foggy in the afternoon. Today it’s a bit cold and dusty.

Sheikh Pierre El Daher vs. Prince Walid Bin Talal

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Picture from NowLebanon

Things are not looking very good at the moment for LBCI’s Chairperson and CEO Pierre El Daher as Prince Walid Bin Talal seems determined to sideline him and isolate LBCI. PAC ltd (the company that employs most of the LBC staff), LBC SAT, LBC America and LBC Europe are all under Bin Talal’s control now. In fact, Bin Talal owns 85% of LMH (Lebanese Media Holding), the company that owns all the companies listed above and that was founded in 1997 by Sheikh Pierre El Daher and Saudi Businessmen.

397 PAC employees were sacked earlier this month, LBC SAT was shutdown in Lebanon by the Ministry of Telecommunication few days ago and LBC Europe was shutdown temporarily in Europe.

Added to that, The Lebanese Forces party is suing Daher over LBCI’s ownership, which would leave him with practically nothing if he were to lose this lawsuit. All in all, I think everyone’s at fault here and I can only hope that Daher will reach some sort of agreement with Bin Talal and the LF because no one will emerge as a winner from this dispute.

Sheikh Pierre El Daher in the middle. Picture by

If you wish to read more on the matter, you can read this nice article by NowLebanon [Here].

Pop-Up Skate Park at Beirut New Waterfront

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In its continuous lobbying efforts for a permanent and safe Public Skate Park, the Lebanese Skateboarding Association (LSA), a non-profit organization established in 2011, is opening a pop-up skate park at the Beirut Waterfront – downtown from May 1st till June 15th 2012. For that purpose, LSA invites young people to share its vision and to join our opening event on Monday May 1st at 4:00 PM. The event will showcase street athlete, graffiti artists and professional skaters. .[Source]

In the invitation email I received, the LSA mentioned that there are currently 300 young people passionate about skateboarding in Lebanon, and that they expect this number to grow to 3000 within 3 years. A bit too optimistic in my opinion.

Nevertheless, I think having a decent Skate Park is a good thing as 1) Skaters or BMX riders have nowhere else to go and it’s safer to skate in a park than in the streets, 2) Skating is affordable to all people and 3) Skating is a cool and fun sport.

PS: I hope LSA asked for a permission to draw Graffiti in the Park.

Graneroverde, Qobayat

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I’ve been to Qobayat (or Kobayat) few times now, but I’ve never been to the Graneroverde Auberge which is located at the far end of the village. If you want to get out of the city for a weekend and just relax, that’s the perfect place to go!

FunkyOzzi went there for a weekend and shares her experience. For more information about Graneroverde, you can check their website [Here].

[Picture of Kobayat by FunkyOzzi]

For more information and pictures about Kobayat, check my trip to Kobayat [Here] and this beautiful video of Kobayat’s Cedars Forest [Here].

Black smoke over Beirut (Update)

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Here’s an update on the environmental disaster that we witnessed yesterday after used tires were put on fire in an area near the Bourj Hammoud Landfill.

According to MTV, the fire — which was first reported as having taken place in Bourj Hammoud’s landfill – resulted from the burning of tires by “those who want to financially benefit from the copper (contained in tires), whose prices have soared lately.”

MTV said the perpetrators are “well-known and the state does not need any telecom data to find them.” [Source]

The state knows those people? Why doesn’t MTV reveal their names then?

Black smoke over Beirut

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If you are wondering what’s that black smoke over Beirut, it’s coming from the Garbage Mountain in Bourj Hammoud where they are burning tyres now. The picture above is from Dora.

[Picture from Johnny]

Update: Here’s another picture from Achrafieh