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Syria TV? Sarba TV?

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I was buying groceries from a nearby supermarket to my parents’ house when I noticed TV was on some channel called STV with a cedar behind the name. I thought at first it was Syria TV but then I noticed the ads are “Free Delivery Abou Rony Arguile 5000LL Sarba”, “Sarba’s first communion ceremony in 2011” and other news of the sort.

As it appeared, the cable guy has illegally set up a local channel, Sarba TV, to promote events happening in Sarba and some friends of his. The funny part is that he is now charging for ads even though the whole thing is illegal. Next thing you know, he will cut off all cable channels for a few seconds to promote them.

Car Accident in Rabieh

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My friend just sent me this picture now. He saw the car on his way down from Rabieh. I am trying to understand how did the car end up pointing upwards and on that side of the road?

He/She is one lucky driver that’s for sure.

PS: I suggest he/she takes the number on the banner behind the crashed car offering driving lessons.

Thanks Johnny!

Taking photos of shops is forbidden at ABC Achrafieh?

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[Old Picture I took at ABC few months back]

I was walking around ABC Achrafieh mall yesterday when I stopped to take a picture of a shop’s front display. As I was checking the picture, a security guy stopped me and told me that it’s forbidden to take pictures of shops as per the management’s decision.

Is that some new regulation? And what’s the point behind it?

P.F. Chang’s China Bistro now open at ABC Achrafieh

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I had seen the huge horse few weeks back in ABC mall but I didn’t know what it was for. It turns out Cafe Blanc relocated next to its old location and a new Chinese restaurant called P.F. Chang’s China Bistro opened instead. P.F. Chang’s is a popular Chinese chain in the U.S with some 200 branches.

I checked P.F. Chang’s website and it’s already open in Kuwait and UAE. Mark had reviewed it back in 2009.

I’ve never had it so it’s definitely worth a try.