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Recognize the Armenian Genocide!

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Tens of thousands of Armenian-Lebanese demonstrated outside the Turkish embassy in Rabieh on Tuesday and called on Turkey to recognize the Armenian genocide. Today marks the 97th anniversary of the beginning of the genocide. The rally started after a rememberance Mass at the Armenian Orthodox Catholicosate in Antelias. Protesters chanted anti-Turkish slogans and several Turkish flags were burnt. [Source]

It’s time for Turkey and the whole world to recognize the massacre of 1.5 million people. It’s quite sad that only 20 out of 193 (10%) United Nations member states, 11 out of 27 (41%) European Union member states, 4 out of 12 (33%) Union of South American Nations member states have recognised the genocide. [Wiki]

Added to that, all Lebanese and not just the Lebanese-Armenians community should demand that this massacre genocide be recognized as the Ottoman empire did not spare us from massacres back in 1915. In fact, it was the commander in chief of the Turkish forces in Syria, Jamal Pasha, who militarily occupied Lebanon and forced a blockage of the entire eastern Mediterranean coast to prevent supplies from reaching his enemies and indirectly causing thousands of deaths from widespread famine and plagues. Lebanon suffered as much as, or more than, any other Ottoman province. [Wiki]

What happened in Lebanon is only a fraction of what the Armenian people had to go through.

Lebanese Stand-up Comedians Detained for showing underwear

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Two stand-up comedians have been detained for breaching public morality. Edmond Haddad, known for his role on al-Jadeed television’s Chi.N.N. comedy show, and Rawiya al-Shab, who is a theater and film actress, were detained for a stand-up show they presented in 2009 at a pub in Gemmayzeh. [Naharnet]

The article says that a local media outlet was covering the event and reported that their act had violated public morals. In fact, during the sketch, Haddad showed some of his underwear, much to the disappointment of the unnamed media outlet.

Does anyone know which media outlet they are referring to? So what if he showed his boxers? With everything that’s happening in Lebanon, this is the only thing considered as a breach of public morality?

The funny part is that the Beirut judge in charge of the case “has held Haddad and al-Shab on charges of breaching public morals based solely on the newspaper article that initially made the complaint, said al-Akhbar. The judge did not even consider viewing a dvd recording of the comedy show, it added.”

That’s just sad.

Free Arguile for girls only

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I spotted this offer at “3al Baladi” restaurant last time I went there but I totally forgot to post about it until Mark reminded me of it yesterday.

He told me it’s “their version of happy hours” and he’s right. There are lots of restaurants in Keserwan, mainly those facing ATCL that offer “Free Arguile” to girls only on Thursday. Reminds me of the “Ladies Night” at Options night club in Kaslik.

All those privileges and women still wants more rights in Lebanon (-> insert sarcasm <-).

Karam Restaurant closed in Maameltein

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I was at Crepaway Maameltein yesterday when I noticed Karam Restaurant had closed down and a new restaurant, called Aioli is opening instead. It hasn’t been a year that it opened in Maameltein and in Ajaltoun and it’s already closed!

I am not sure anymore that it’s the same Karam as the one in DownTown. I went there twice and I didn’t feel the food was as good as the original one but that doesn’t mean anything.

On the other hand, Saniour opened a new location few months back next to Karam and Al-Balad and it’s always crowded and full.

Melhem Zein – Kabad Bad (ملحم زين كبد بد)

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This guy has a thing for stealing American movie scenes! First it was 300 and now it’s “The day after tomorrow“.

I tried understanding the lyrics a bit to see if they are anyhow related to the video clip but I didn’t get a single word of what he’s saying. I must say though that it was cool seeing those huge waves pounding the Lebanese shores. The clip must have cost a lot but money is not really an issue when you are married to Yemeni president’s daughter.

Charles Aznavour & Chris De Burgh at The 2012 Jounieh Festival

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International icon, the beloved French chanson entertainer Charles Aznavour will be performing on July 6 while British art rocker Chris de Burgh will be putting on his show on July 8. Tickets are already on sale at all Virgin Megastore outlets and Boueri Press. [Link]

I don’t like De Burgh much but Charles Aznavour, born as Shahnour Vaghenagi Aznavourian, is one of my favorite French singers. I was hesitant first to buy tickets because Aznavour is 87 years old, but after I read that he’s on a 21-concerts tour and he’s been praised for his latest performances, I am more excited now to go watch him probably one last time.

My favorite Aznavour songs are Emmenez moi, La Boheme, Hier Encore and Isabelle.

Aside from Aznavour coming to Jounieh’s festival, I must say I am disappointed with the program for this year. They should have gotten one or two recent artists to attract all sorts of crowds.

Racist Saida 6Km Race

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According to this article, two Sudanese athletes were disqualified from the Saida Marathon for making a jump start after they had finished first and second. As a result, a Lebanese claimed first spot.

This doesn’t add up. Couldn’t they have disqualified them at the start? Is there such a thing as a jump start at the Marathon to begin with? I mean unless it’s very obvious, no one checks who jump starts a marathon. In both cases, they should have been disqualified at the start.