Monthly Archives: April 2012

DSL now free during non-peak hours

WISE introduced the unlimited night usage between 12 a.m. and 7 a.m. few years back, but it was crap until DSL was launched and many switched from WISE to DSL. I remember calling the WISE guys after midnight 3-4 times a week as I would have no connection at all. (I would need it to work sometimes, not just download stuff).

Anyway, I didn’t expect a better outcome from DSL and I wasn’t wrong to think so. In fact, I tried downloading a movie on a DSL connection yesterday night and woke up to find it stuck at 5%. I downloaded it again during the day and it took approximately 4 hours for a 600Mbytes movie.

Cafe Najjar ad


I am loving Cafe Najjar’s new ads. I saw another one on TV but could not find it on YouTube. While looking for it, I found this really old Cafe Abi Nasr ad. I remember singing that song for weeks back when the ad came out.

Lebanese government websites hacked. Who cares?

A group calling itself ‘Raise Your Voice’ hacked on Tuesday around 15 Lebanese government websites to ask for an improvement in living standards, the day the parliament launches a three-day session to assess the cabinet’s performance. “We are RYV, short for Raise Your Voice, and we are simply a group of people who could not bear sitting in silence, watching all the crimes and injustice going on in Lebanon,” the group said. [Naharnet]

Here’s the list of all the hacked websites:

Except for the ISF website, I believe the hackers are the only people visiting those websites.

Lebanese caught being smuggled in a suitcase


How did he fit in that suitcase? How was he breathing? That’s just crazy!

A Lebanese man turned the joke of climbing into somebody’s suitcase a reality when he hid in the luggage of a German to cross the Turkish border into Greece. Turkish customs officers at the Pazarkule Customs Gate ordered the German man to open his suitcase when they became suspicious over its enormous size. When they unzipped the luggage, the officers found the 20-year-old Lebanese identified by his initials as A.J curled up inside in a fetal position. [Naharnet]