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Lebanese Football Fans banned from World Cup Qualifying Game against Qatar

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Lebanese authorities have decided to ban football fans in Lebanon from attending the first game of the last World Cup Qualifying round that will be held in Beirut and will oppose Lebanon to Qatar.

The reason for the ban is that local authorities are worried that some fans might insult Qatar’s Emir Sheikh Hamad Ben Khalifa, which might damage the relationship between the two countries. [Link]

It looks like the last Qatari threat wasn’t a rumor after all.

Zaater w Zeit New Kaslik Branch

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ZWZ Kaslik closed down its old location and moved to the next building down the street. The old place is for rent now.

The new branch is bigger and more spacious than the old one and doesn’t look anything like the traditional ZWZ branches. The tables and chairs are different, and there’s a small lounge area where you can sit down and do your work or study.

The menu is still the same and prices haven’t changed, except for the Jebneh wou Jambon man2oushe which is now more expensive and has more cheese in it. As for the service, it was good and relatively fast.

All in all, I like the new branch but I wish ZWZ would consider opening a branch with a nice sea view or mountain view, as it fits more a typical Lebanese breakfast (Labneh, Man2oushe, Eggs etc ..).

2a2wa 3alam …

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I don’t envy you Ratrout, whomever you are.

I thought at first the girl was running for some beauty pageant competition or some talent show. I didn’t even think for a second she died. Why would anyone write such a message to commemorate a dead person?

Anyway, sincere condolences to her parents.

Thanks Mickel-Ange

Rush Hour: Lebanon edition

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I was on my way out on Sunday morning when I took a look from the balcony only to see my car and 5 others blocked by at least 2 cars.

I have no idea what those people were thinking to park like that, but I had to wait over an hour before they cleared the way. They did apologize for the inconvenience though which is not so common among Lebanese drivers.

Clarification from Beirut Duty Free on the Lotus Evora GTE

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I guess the below answer pretty much explains why there’s a plate number on the Lotus Evora GTE. Thank you Beirut Duty Free for the reply.

Dear All,

Thannks for your patience, below is the explanation as to why there was a number plate on the car.

“In response to the query, the GTE is a special race car that was still subject to homologation when ordered and provided to Lebanon.
As a consequence this vehicle was registered prior to going to “Mansory” (who is a LOTUS partner for Special Modifications) to have the GTE enhancements made to the car. The car went to Germany for the modifications.
The registration would then have allowed it to be used when returned to the UK in GTE guise should it have been passed to another dealer,As it transpired, we took the car prior to it being allocated elsewhere.

The car is definitely new, and was registered in the UK (without being used) for the following reasons:
– At that time they did not know we are bringing the car to Lebanon
– For Homologation reasons as is based on a race car
– For modification reasons since that car was transferred to Germany for the modifications

Thank you.

Another day, another protest in Lebanon

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EDL contractual employees have been demonstrating in front of the EDL and blocking the highway on the way back from Beirut since the early morning. They want to become permanent workers, have insurance and a decent retirement plan. Some of them have been working on a contractual basis for over 20 years.

On another note, I love how their names in Arabic are unheard of, at least to me. They are called “عمال غب الطلب وجباة الاكراء” and “المياومين”.

Update: one of the protesters, Ali Assi, tried to set himself on fire.

Update on Charbel Rahme killing

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Picture from Annahar

Charbel Rahme was shot dead on Sunday at the Madfoun checkpoint after having failed to stop. Early rumors said he had guns and drugs in his car and that he shot at the army but they were denied. The last thing I heard was that there was an arrest warrant in his name but his family denied it as well.

Added to that, his brother is in the army and Charbel was planning on joining the Internal Security forces.

Having said that, I hope that the army will end its investigation soon and explain what happened because there’s something weird and worrying about this incident.

Huge land near Harissa sold to Saudi Prince

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Update: Anthony just informed me that the land that got sold is not actually the one displayed but rather to the side in a town called Dlebta which lies very close to Harissa. Regardless the location, this land is very precious in its biodiversity and its flora and fauna. Thank you Anthony!

The above picture has been circulating today via emails and on Facebook, showing the huge piece of land that a Saudi Prince bought in the village of Dlebta near Harissa. I am not against selling lands to Arabs or foreigner investors but there should be a quota and restrictions. You can’t just sell a whole mountain like that.

Does anyone have any idea to whom this piece of land belongs? Such massive lands usually belong to the Church.