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Lebanese Maxime El Chami Got Talent

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I am glad I decided to watch Arabs Got Talent for the first time tonight as I had no clue we had such a young talent in Lebanon. I am sure he’s not the best opera singer out there but compared to the other competitors, he’s on a league of his own. He qualified easily for the finals and is on his way to winning this competition for sure. He reminds me of Britain’s Got Talent Paul Potts back in 2007. [YouTube]

To Watch or not to Watch Tannoura Maxi?

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Last time a Lebanese movie caused controversy and got banned in Lebanese theaters, it turned out to be a lousy one.

Tannoura Maxi is not yet banned despite several calls to do so but apparently does not deserve all that attention because it’s not that good according to what few friends have told me while others portrayed it as being wonderful. Added to that, despite scoring 7 over 10 on IMDb (by only 49 users), the reviews are overwhelmingly bad.

Despite all that, I plan to watch it out of support for Lebanese Director Joe Bou Eid, but it would be nice to hear some reviews or comments from those who already watched it.

Urban Pac-Man: The Hamra Challenge

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Picture from Al-Akhbar

Now that’s an original idea!

The classic 80’s arcade game Pac-Man found its way to the streets of Hamra. The project was the latest installment of The Workshop as they took an innovative approach to better understanding urban navigation and enhancing the cognitive mapping and urban knowledge of individual travelers. [Link]

Beirut Boat Show 2012

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I was at the opening of the Beirut Boat Show 2012 this afternoon at the Marina Joseph Khoury and I must say it wasn’t at all what I expected. In fact it wasn’t just boats and yachts aligned next to each other but there were a lot of stands with the latest boats, engines, electronics and marine accessories as well as many cool stands such as the Castania and Almaza stand, the Grey Goose and an ice cream stand. Moreover, there was a Lebanese Army Navy warship that everyone was allowed to visit.

There were also a lot of top models, with at least one at every stand. Some of them were even dressed up in sexy bikinis like the one in the picture. Price-wise, boats are insanely expensive, even renting them costs at least 2000$ per day.

The Boat Show will take place from May 16th till May 20th.

You can check out some of the pictures I took below:

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