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A Lebanese National Record we can be proud of

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Misleading video as Lebanese swimmer Wassim Nasser failed to break the national record for the longest swim

Rami has been following up on Wissam Nasser’s attempt to break the 47 KM distance Lebanese Abdel-Latif Abu al-Hauf set in the 1960s. Nasser trained for over 8 months, however failed at breaking the national record as the weather was bad and he was swimming against the wind.

Despite that, I am glad some Lebanese are actually attempting to break some decent records that don’t involve making the biggest Tabboule in the world or the largest Shish Kebab sandwich.

Good luck to you Wissam Nasser on your next attempt!

ABC Dbayeh Grand Cinemas Opening June 13

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The new ABC Dbayeh

Roadster Diner posted this morning that Grand Cinemas Lebanon ABC Dbayeh will be opening on June 13!

I don’t know much about this new cinema complex but according to the below banner, you will be able to enjoy champagne, caviar(huh?) and popcorn while watching a movie. I am guessing there will be prestigious VIP seats or lounges.

Picture from Gino’s Blog

Where to watch the Euro Cup 2012?

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Picture of the Argentina-Brazil friendly that was also covered by this unfamiliar channel

I was looking forward to watching the opening games of the Euro Cup 2012 on Friday before I realized there were no channels covering it. I called the cable guy who told me he has to pay some 20,000$ to get Al Jazeera channels and that he cannot afford it.

Apparently, those with a CableVision subscription have to pay 20$ to get the channels but those with a regular (illegal) 10 or 15$ subscription have to rely on the cable guy to get the right channels, or simply go out and watch them in cafés. I’ve been planning to get CableVision for a while now but I haven’t had the time yet.

Nevertheless, it took our cable guy less than 24 hours to get us two channels covering the games, M6 and some other channel that broadcasts in a weird language (See Picture Above). Moreover, a friend of mine living in Achrafieh told me today he is getting Jazeera +10 without paying any additional fees (Don’t ask how).

I am not comfortable with this whole illegal cable business anymore and I will switch to Cable Vision as soon as possible.

You can check out CableVision’s website [Here].

45,700 Active Twitter Users in Lebanon

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If you thought Lebanese tweet a lot, think again. Twitter use is very much on the rise in the Arab world, but we are still way behind Bahrain, UAE, KSA and Kuwait in terms of Twitter Population Penetration and Nbr of Tweets per month. Kuwait leads the way with around 60 million tweets in the month of March only, followed by KSA with 49 million, Egypt with 19 million tweets, UAE with 15M, Bahrain with 8M and Qatar with 5M. Lebanon sent out 2,759,000 tweets in March 2012.

In terms of new Twitter users between September 2011 and March 2012, Lebanon got 26,429 additional users, with a 137% increase. Lebanon stands in fifth position behind UAE, Egypt, Kuwait and KSA in first place.

In total, the total number of active Twitter users in Arab countries is now up to 1,311,882, which means that Lebanon constitutes 3.5% of the total Twitter population. [Source]

Personally speaking, I set up a Twitter account back in September 2010 but only started using it a year later. My username is LeNajib.

Humans of Lebanon

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Boghos , known as Klashinkof boghos. He has lots of stories to tell about his heroic past , He sells fish in Bourj Hammoud and express his ideas loudly on the streets. Photo by KrikOrian Mher at Burj Hammoud

If you have a shot of a Falafel seller in Bourj Hammoud,
or an old couple on their balcony in Beit Merry,
or a man walking his dog in Dbayeh,
or a fisherman fishing off the coast of Tripoli,
or a young couple walking in Raouche,
or a ski-fanatic getting back from his daily routine in Faraya,
or a farmer working in the Bekaa valley
or anyone doing anything memorable anywhere in Lebanon
send it to 🙂
Have your photograph sent with a short story behind it to share.

This project is inspired by the work of Brandon Stanton in Humans of New York (HONY).

I think it’s a very nice project as it helps portraying Lebanon’s diversity and discover young talented Lebanese photographers. If you want to submit your photos or know more about Humans of Lebanon, check their facebook page [Here].

Photo by : Chirine Nahas — at Massaya.

Melhem Zean (Zein)

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Zean or Zein, the guy still sucks.

It could be though his last attempt to Americanize himself, knowing that he steals scenes from Hollywood movies and put them in his video clips. For those of you who missed my previous posts on that matter, check [Here] and [here].

Lebanon draws with Uzbekistan 1-1

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Lebanon is still without a victory after he drew 1-1 with Uzbekistan yesterday. It was Lebanon’s second game after the team had lost the first 1-0 to Qatar. There’s still hope for making it to the World Cup finals in Brazil in 2014 but we need to start winning if we want to keep our chances alive.

Having said that, we should first and foremost thank and support Lebanon’s German coach Theo Bucker for the amazing job he has done so far and the players for their incredible efforts and full commitment. As far as the fans and media are concerned, the turnout to yesterday’s game and the media coverage were weak when compared to the opening game last week against Qatar.

It seems to me that some Lebanese are as loyal to their country as they are to our national football team. This is affecting the team and their coach badly.

Check what German coach Bucker has to say:

“One day we lose, the next we draw and I go from a bad coach to a good coach. This flip-flopping is making me very sad,” he said. “We have so many great players, coaches and experts telling me what to do as if I’m an amateur coach.[Link]”

All in all, the best thing we can do right now is let the team play and support him without critisizing or blaming the coach for losses or draws. Let’s remember we never dreamt of getting this far in the first place.

Alfa 3G consumption

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I got a message from Alfa yesterday (just like every month) around midnight that my monthly consumption was reset to 0 MB.

I logged into Alfa’s website to check the consumption today and it said I consumed 76.89 MB in the past 8 hours. That didn’t seem to be right as I only turned my 3G on an hour and a half ago and only read my email and checked in using FourSquare. I thought those 77 Mbytes could be the ones I had left over from the past month but from what I know, data consumption is reset to zero.

Anyway, I called Alfa to see what’s happening and the operator who answered me first told me to check the usage by pressing *11# on the mobile as it is more accurate than the website. I hung up and tried *11# and I got an even bigger consumption than the website!

I called again and another operator answered me, so I told her the whole story briefly. After checking her system, she told me the counters haven’t reset properly yet and my current consumption is 11 Mbytes, which makes sense. However, she could not figure out where those 77 mbytes came from.

This is not the first time I get weird numbers on Alfa, as I had the same issue when I was activating my mother’s 3G service for the first time. (Not sure if it’s the same for MTC Touch).

PS: Both operators were very friendly and helpful, and I didn’t wait too long on the line.