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Lebanese at the London 2012 Olympics (Update)

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Elisa Di Francisca of Italy defeated Lebanese Mona Shaito in the Round of 32 and advanced to win the Gold Medal.

Here’s an update on the Lebanese athletes competing at the Olympics:

– Katya Bachrouche (Swimming): Did not compete yet. Heats for the Women’s 800m FreeStyle scheduled for August 2.

– Ray Bassil (Shooting): Did not compete yet. Qualification Day 1 scheduled for August 4.

– Caren Chammas (Judo): Did not compete yet. Elimination Round of 32 scheduled for July 31.

– Ahmed Hazer (Athletics): Did not compete yet. Round1 of the Men’s 110m Hurdles scheduled for August 7.

– Wael Koubrosli (Swimming): Wael competed yesterday in the Men’s 100m Breaststroke heats and failed to make it through to the semi-finals. [Results]

– Tvin Moumjoghlian (Table Tennis): Lost in Round1 to Sarah Hanffou from Cameroon. [Results]

-Andrea Paoli (Taekwondo): Did not compete yet. Preliminary Round scheduled for August 9.

– Mona Shaito (Fencing): Mona won in the Round of 64 against Egyptian Shaimaa ElGammal (7-6) but then lost in the Round of 32 against Gold medal winner Italian Elisa Di Francisca. [Results]

– Zain Shaito (Fencing): Did not compete yet. Men’s Individual Foil Elimination Round of 64 scheduled for July 31.

– Gretta Taslakian (Athletics): Did not compete yet. Round1 of the Women’s 200m scheduled for August 6.

I will keep updating the post as soon as there are new results. Best of luck to all our athletes!

Meet Lebanese Nadim Kobeissi, creator of Cryptocat

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I hope he doesn’t end up in courts like WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange did.

Twenty-one-year-old college student Nadim Kobeissi is from Canada, Lebanon and the internet. He is the creator of Cryptocat, a project “to combine my love of cryptography and cats”. Cryptocat is an encrypted web-based chat. It’s the first chat client in the browser to allow anyone to use end-to-end encryption to communicate without the problems of SSL, the standard way browsers do crypto, or mucking about with downloading and installing other software. For Kobeissi, that means non-technical people anywhere in the world can talk without fear of online snooping from corporations, criminals or governments. [Link]

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Why is The Dark Knight Rises not out yet in the Middle East?

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Batman the Dark Knight Rises releases 26 days later in MENA after International release.

Joseph Chacra & Sons – The Warner Bros. Licensee of the region decided to postpone the release of “The Dark Knight Rises”, the latest Batman movie that is showing worldwide on July 20th. The new release date in the MENA region is August 16th. Which is 24 days behind the international date, the reasons they’re claiming behind this delay are: Ramadan being a slow season for them with 45% drop in sales + Watching movies in Ramadan is Haram for Muslims (according to them as well).

An online campaign by Blogger Moey has failed so far to make Warner Bros Middle East change their minds about the release date. I don’t think they will listen to any of us to be honest, but it’s quite strange to delay the release of movies such as Batman by 24 days. It will probably be available online and in illegal DVD stores in few days time now and that will surely cause a drop in sales as well.


حقيقة شو صار مع ورد الخال ( Ward el Khal Scandal Update)

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Honestly I thought at first it might be a prank for some Ramadan show but when I saw the article in Annahar I changed my mind. As it turns out and as shown in the video above, it is indeed a prank staged by LBCI and Ward Al Khal.

The idea is nice but they pushed it too far in my opinion. Expect a lot of dislikes on [YouTube].

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The MEA 7-Hour Flight From Hell

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Throughout all of this, I kept wondering: Where are the flight attendants? Aren’t they supposed to maintain order on the plane? Who will cater to my burnt flesh? Who will discipline the wild animals and explain to them that it’s sleepy time for normal, sane people?
Of course, they are all at the back of the plane chatting, laughing and ignoring all passenger requests . . . and possibly finishing the chilled wine, secretly. Customer service at its finest! [Link]

First thought that came to my mind when reading this: What the hell did I just read?

Second thought was a simple suggestion to the article’s author:
– Fly Business next time if possible, if not then get drunk before you hop on the plane or simply change airlines.

Third thought: Why is the article written under “La Wlooo!!!” category? How exactly is that relevant?

Faraya Mzaar InterContinental Hotel Sunday Buffet

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The Mzaar InterContinental Hotel is a great place for spending weekends during winter specially when the whole area is covered with snow. However, with all the snow gone and the hotel’s terrace open, nothing beats sitting outdoors, enjoying the view and the delicious open buffet.

I went there a couple of weeks ago and even though it was really hot, none of us was bothered as there was a large tent covering the whole terrace with ventilators all over the place. We had to call and reserve in advance as the place is usually fully booked (mostly families), even though it fits 600 people.

The buffet offers a large variety of food for all tastes. Grilled Salmon, Shrimps, Chicken and Steak, Italian Pasta Stand, Quesadillas, Pizza, all sorts of Lebanese Mezza, Sushi, Salads, Cheese, Raw meat, Salmon and others all for 45$ per person (Drinks not included). There’s also an exquisite dessert stand and arguile is available for those who want. Added to that, there’s a guy who plays the guitar and sings old rock songs and classics every Sunday and he’s not bad at all if you ask me.

Last but not least, the Mzaar InterContinental is truly a 5-star hotel and its service shows it. The waiters are friendly, quick and helpful, the stands are clean, the cooks are professional, the food is great and everything is just impeccable.

For further information or reservation, call +961 9 340 100.

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Women killed by her brother in Tripoli

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Sonya (21) was killed by her brother in Bab Al Raml neighborhood of Tripoli on Wednesday at 3:30am. Police reports say the brother killed Sonya because he suspected she was in a relationship. What’s frustrating is that all those interviewed in the LBCI report are justifying that she was a “good girl”, as if being in a relationship with a guy is a thing worthy being killed for.

Sonya was killed, and at least one woman – like Sonya – is killed every month. [Nasawiya]