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Lebanese-Army Navy

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I had totally forgotten about this picture until a friend was telling me about how she had a dream the other day that the whole Jounieh coast and sea were invaded by the Israeli Army. I remembered this picture I’d taken back in March 2012 when I woke up and saw a big carrier in the middle of the sea with small army boats around it and helicopters in the air. At first glance, I thought it was some UNIFIL naval unit but then I gave it a closer look and didn’t find any non-Lebanese flags on it so it could be ours.

More maritime maneuvers were performed on July 15 2012 with French naval forces in the presence of “Jean Bart” frigate shown below. I will post some pictures if I find any.

You can check out the Lebanese Army Navy Website [Here] and information about the Lebanese Navy SEALs Regiment, one of the best units in the army.

Picture taken by Bomba08

Pampa vs. Reebook

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Rethink, Rejuice, Refresh

I am no brofessional to judge ads but it’s clear that Pampa got “inspired” big time from Reebook’s Zig campaign. It’s too bad because I loved their new TV ad and I love Pampa.

Reezig, Reetone, Reebok

New Restaurant in Antelias?

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I spotted this beautifully renovated old Lebanese house in Antelias in the street that has all the restaurants/pubs/Shisha places. The house is next to Pinocchio Restaurant and facing Public and Kahwit el Sitt. I am presuming it will be yet another restaurant, or maybe a pub just like Carlitto’s.

It could also be someone’s residence but I don’t think anyone would want to live on this street.

More on W Motors – the First Arab Super Car Maker

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Picture from RagMag

Magna Steyr Torino, RUF Automobile Germany and STUDIOTORINO were among W Motors partners present at the lavish launch event they held at Sursock Palace Beirut a while ago. Those names are enough for you to realize the Arab super car will have an Italian design and German engineering. That is the best combination possible.

Come to think of it, that’s how Pagani started with the Zonda. The difference is, Pagani factory was never under threat of being bombed by Israel! [MotorWard]

For those interested, here are some interesting articles on W Motors and their launching event.
[Speech of Chairman of W Motors Ralph Debbas during the launch party] [Launching of W Motors – RAGMAG] [MotorWard on W Motors] [AutoBlog on W Motors + Pictures] [ W Motors Launched in Beirut (In Pictures)] [TopSpeed on W Motors]

You can also check out W Motors website [Here].

We can only wish them the best of luck and wait for the end of 2013 to see if they will pull it off.

Meet the Lebanese Athletes participating in the London Olympics

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The Olympics are two days away now and there’s a whole page dedicated to Lebanon, its history in the Olympics and its athletes. Check it out [Here].

I hope our athletes won’t be forced to withdraw from any competition involving an Israeli athlete. Even Iran, the most hardcore anti-Israeli country, has allowed its athletes to compete against Israelis. [Link]

AlloFail: A Lebanese initiative for better telecom

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AlloFail started in June 2012 in Lebanon by a group of non-sectarian and politically independent Lebanese individuals, which includes a lawyer, a telecommunication engineer and Lebanese PR experts in a bid to exert pressure on the mobile operators to provide better products and services by listening to and acting upon customer complaints. [Naharnet]

I am not sure how much of a difference this initiative will make but it’s worth giving it a try for sure.

You can follow them on Twitter [Here] and join their Facebook page [Here]

Thanks Sandro

Electricity rationing dealing heavy blow to Lebanon’s economy

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Picture from Ritakml Blog

We need an urgent fix to this electricity crisis.

In 2008, a World Bank survey said 61 percent of Lebanese businesses identified electricity rationing as a major obstacle,” he told The Daily Star.

Louis Hobeika, an economist at Notre Dame University, estimated that gross domestic product would grow by no less than 30 percent if Lebanon was to offer 24-hour electricity.

In 2011, Lebanon spent around $1.2 billion on subsidizing fuel purchases for EDL. According to Energy Ministry estimates, the Lebanese spent an equivalent amount on private generator subscriptions.

Here’s a link to the full article. [DailyStar]

2ataltoule el ahlem

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Hey at least she’s having fun. I’m actually surprised none of the TV stations have contacted her for a reality show since she’s bound to be a lot more interesting than the Kardashians. [YouTube]

You can watch the rest of her videos and subscribe to her channel [Here]

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