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Another solution to the electricity crisis in Lebanon

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Despite the severity of the electricity crisis in Lebanon, there are plenty of solutions to end this crisis, but no will to do so. I’ve heard lately that two offers were made to the energy ministry and the Lebanese government that ended up being declined for unconvincing reasons. I will not go into details though as I cannot confirm 100% my sources.

Annahar published yesterday a very interesting study done by Electrical Engineer Ahmad Habli that I thought is worth sharing. What Ahmad Habli is proposing is not a different solution to the proposed one but a parallel solution that could end the long-running electricity crisis in a short period of time and provide an contingency plan on the long-term.

To sum up Habli’s plan in few words:

1- Set up 6 to 7 distributed generation plants in several areas in Lebanon capable of producing 600 to 700 Mega-Watts. These plants are less costly, allow collection of energy from many sources and may give lower environmental impacts and improved security of supply. [Wiki]

2- Launch an “Energy Exchange Project” between EDL and the private sector, in an attempt to exploit the full capacity of privately-owned generators in enterprises, hotels and other establishments. According to Habli, this could generate an additional 400 Mega-Watts and profit the private sector.

I think the plan is a very smart one, specially the first part where we will have back-up power sources (Emergency Standby) once the large power plants are renovated and enhanced.

You can read the original article [Here].

Twisted logic

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On July 26 2012, Sonya (21) was killed by her brother in Bab Al Raml neighborhood of Tripoli because he suspected she was in a relationship. Not a single person protested her death in Tripoli, instead some of them wondered whether she was a good girl or not (see Video above).

On August 29 2012, 19-Year-Old Hanadi Nuaimi was abducted in Tripoli. As a result, several roads were blocked with burning tires in the area of al-Tal in Tripoli and many protested the act. [Link]

So murder is ok but kidnapping is not?

Achrafieh 2020: A dream in action

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We can only hope this project will become a reality!

The first step of the Achrafieh 2020 initiative will be on September 2, 2012 which will be declared a yearly car free day in Achrafieh.

ACHRAFIEH 2020 is an apolitical long-term (8 years) environmental driven initiative by MP Nadim Gemayel, it aims at satisfying Achrafieh residents dreaming of a neighborhood where adults, youth and children can easily and safely walk on wider and cleaner sidewalks, bike on dedicated bicycle alleys, hop on a tramway as a means of commuting; where waste is managed optimally, where parking is well organized and structured and where traffic is highly regulated and law enforced.

Initiatives of this kind were courageously taken in many cities in the world, such as Seville, Rio, Milano and most of North European cities.

A change of behavior campaigning will energize this 8 years initiative.

Achrafieh’s initiative is not to be seen as an isolationist one. Its ambition is to be recognized as a pioneer action which will hopefully propagate to the entirety of Beirut and other Lebanese cities. [Link]

You can download the map, with activities and useful information to carry with you on September 2, in Achrafieh [Here]

Lebanese Silvio Chiha wins gold at water skiing championship

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Lebanese water skier Silvio Chiha snagged the gold medal Monday at the Asia-Australasia Oceania (AAO) water skiing championship in Chuncheon, South Korea, the state-run National News Agency reported Wednesday. [DailyStar]

The final ranking of the competition came as follows:

1-Silvio Chiha (Lebanon)
2- Cha Bum-Kun (South Korea)
3-Josh Briant (Australia)
4-Kim Don John (South Korea)

via LBC

Abboud: Tourism Police too few to enforce smoking ban

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How come he only thought of mentioning that now? And if he did earlier, why didn’t he say anything about it to the government?

The implementation of the smoking-ban law will start on September 3rd.

BEIRUT: Tourism Minister Fadi Abboud warned Tuesday that the ranks of the Tourism Police are severely understaffed, and he may not have enough officers to enforce the new smoking ban that goes into effect next week.

At a news conference at the ministry, Abboud said he currently had a staff of around 70 tourism police officers, but only 10 of them could be devoted to enforcing the smoking ban. That is a far cry from the 256 Tourism Police units the law says the ministry needs to effectively enforce the ban. [Link]

Thank you Gianni!