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Naked Pizza Lebanon

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I had no clue Naked Pizza opened in Lebanon until I spotted their delivery scooter the other day.

Naked Pizza, (originally named World’s Healthiest Pizza), was launched in the US in 2006 as an ambitious business model that seeks to change the nutritional profile of fast food. By way of example, Naked Pizza is demonstrating that pizza does not have to be part of the problem in our global epidemic of obesity and chronic disease, but in fact can be part of the solution. [More]

It’s definitely worth a try!

Their first branch in Lebanon is located on George Tabet st. Off Adib Issac Rd Achrafieh – Lebanon. [Map]

Phone: 01 20 77 88
Opening Hours: 10am till midnight.

How bad is it in Tripoli?

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Arguile is a must even during clashes in Lebanon: Picture from Al-Akhbar

Despite the heavy deployment of the Lebanese army and security forces yesterday night, the clashes are still ongoing and the army vehicles are now being targeted by sniper fire coming from Jabal Mohsen.

So far 12 people were killed, including a young Sunnite Sheikh, and 86 injured, including Canadian journalist Maria Moore. [Link]

Things are going from bad to worse but I think like everything else that’s been going on in Lebanon lately, it will calm down all of a sudden and everything will go back to normal. After the Mokdads almost initiated a civil war a week back by kidnapping Syrian dissidents, people seem to have forgotten about them even though innocent civilians are still being kidnapped randomly, with the last victim being Youssef Jamil Sabra in Forzol.

Amid all the chaos, I worry that our only hope for peace is in the hands of the winner of the Miss Lebanon 2012 competition.

Music 4 a Cause

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We should all support 4 a Cause and non-profit NGOs taking care of the poor and mentally challenged individuals in our Lebanese society.

4 a Cause is a non-profit NGO which was launched in October 2011, to organize various events to help raise awareness and funds to causes and associations in need. This year’s goal is to help out Baitna, a non-profit organization that wants to provide homes for impoverished mentally challenged persons, particularly orphans and those uncared for, with the objective of welcoming them in a family atmosphere. []

For that purpose, 4 a cause are organizing a concert entitled “Music 4 a Cause” aimed at supporting Baitna. The concert will be held on August 30th, 2012 in Sin el Fil’s cultural and sports center and will include artists such as Joy Fayad, Lazzy Lung, Meen the Band, Mini-B and Underrated.

You can buy tickets at all Librairie Antoine’s branches for 20$ or buy them at the door for 25$.

To read more about the event, click [Here].

La papamobile è già a Beirut (Papa Mobile has landed in Beirut)

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Pope Benedict XVI seems determined to visit Lebanon in mid-September despite the chaotic situation here. His “papamobile” has already landed in Lebanon and was immediately taken to the presidential palace amidst security escort, in presence of Apostolic Nuncio Gabriel Katchea, Embassy First Secretary Monsignor Paolo Borgia, and representatives of Presidential Palace. [NNA]

The popemobile most often used by Pope Benedict XVI when traveling abroad is a modified Mercedes-Benz M-Class sport utility vehicle with a special glass-enclosed “room” that has been built into the back of the vehicle. The pope enters through a rear door and ascends several steps. After the pope sits in his chair, it is elevated up into the glass “room” by a hydraulic lift, allowing the pope to be more easily seen. In addition to the driver, there is room for one passenger (usually a security agent) in the front of the vehicle. The glass-enclosed rear of the vehicle also has room for two papal aides who can sit in the area in front of the pope’s elevated chair. The vehicle’s security features include bulletproof glass windows and roof and reinforced, armored side panels and underbody. [Wiki]

Another uncovered papa mobile used by The Pope

Lebanese Federation asks Gretta Taslakian to apologize

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As expected, the controversy that surrounded Gretta Taslakian and her coach at the London 2012 Olympics will remain unsolved as the Lebanese Federation dismissed any sexual harassment and asked Gretta for a verbal apology. [Link]

What I find unacceptable about this whole story is that a member of the delegation (supposedly her coach) was the one who reported Gretta to the Olympic committee and caused her ban from the Olympic village. They should have waited till they got back to Lebanon then dealt with the matter internally. That was an unprofessional and sort of “childish” behavior. As for Gretta, she has to come out and say what happened with her or else she’s to blame for this scandal as much as the Lebanese Olympic Delegation and her coach are.

Last but not least, someone should be asking the London Olympic Committee whether not wearing the proper uniform is a valid reason for banning an athlete, specially that other athletes have done the same and got away with it.

The World’s Longest Bar At Jounieh

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I like the initiative but I still think nightlife in Jounieh needs a serious improvement.

The city of Jounieh will celebrate on Tuesday evening the World’s Longest Bar extending from Jounieh’s square all the way to the municipality building.

This is not the first time Jounieh attempts such a stunt. Last years bar measured 370 meters, with this year’s expecting to reach 450 meters.