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Australian-Lebanese Jessica Kahawaty second runner-up in Miss World 2012

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Miss China was crowded Miss World 2012 with the first runner up being Miss Wales. Jessica Kahawaty won third spot. She is an Australian law student of Lebanese origin. According to LBC, Jessica had participated in 2010’s Miss Lebanon contest where she came fourth runner up. [Link]

Fourth Runner up in Miss Lebanon 2010, Miss Australia 2012 and second runner up in Miss World 2012. It seems our standards are pretty high in Lebanon or maybe her wasta wasn’t good enough because she’s prettier than Miss Lebanon 2010.

More Pictures of Jessica [Here] and [Here].

Beirut is more than boobs and Botox

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David J Constable, author of “Boobs, Botox and the Babes of Beirut

BeirutBeats wrote a nice response to David Constable and his cheap article on Lebanon and its women. Read it all [Here].

So summer is here again and with it comes the annual influx of derogatory, poorly researched articles by western ‘journalists’ doing their best to pick out the worst parts of Beirut culture after a quick holiday visiting a couple of nightclubs.

Last year CNN made a brave expedition through the jungle of Beirut’s rooftop bars, encouraging the world to think that the city was populated entirely by sparkling idiots who couldn’t care about tomorrow as long as the champagne was flowing and the iPhone still had enough battery to film the dead look in everyone’s eyes.

This year the Huffington Post have gone one step further, with a piece by David J Constable claiming that

‘Beirut has now overtaken both LA and Miami as the plastic surgery capital of the world.’ [Full Response]

Thanks Rita

Who is Lebanon’s hottest MP?

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Strida Geagea, wife of LF leader Samir Geagea

Ivy asks who’s Lebanon’s hottest Member of Parliament and lists the potential candidates. The only competition Strida Geagea has is Nayla Tueni in my opinion.

Check out all the potential candidates [Here].

We need more women in the Lebanese Parliament, specially when 50% of the Lebanese voters are women.

Nayla Tueni, daughter of Gebran Tueni and Deputy General Manager of Lebanese newspaper An Nahar.

Meet the Mokdad family

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Fight starts at Minute 6

They have a military wing, go around kidnapping random people to retaliate against the kidnapping of one of their own, invite the media to a Press Release and brag about their doings and then fight between each other on public TV.

Everytime I think we’ve reached a new low in Lebanon, someone comes out to prove me wrong.

Beirut passengers “asked to chip in” for Air France fuel

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Due to international sanctions on Syria, the Air France that changed its original course to Beirut and landed in Damascus was unable to pay for new fuel and had to ask passengers to chip in. Apparently, credit cards were not working and Air France no longer had an account with the Syrian airport authorities. Read the whole story [Here].