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Boobs, Botox and the Babes of Beirut

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I think this article is offensive, over-generalizing and pointless. [Article]

For a largely Arab country it’s a bizarre thing that in Lebanon (Beirut specifically), women care more about their appearance than men. Males lead a rather sullied existence, priming their closely cut mini-beards and, from my own observations, eating rather a lot. The formula in Lebanon’s capital for women is fashion-forward, from their choice of cloth to the decisions they make surgically. [Link]

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Air France flight to Beirut changes course and lands in Amman

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French Figari mentioned few minutes ago that an Air France plane changed its course from Beirut to Amman due to the blocking of the airport road and the unrest in Lebanon. That’s just great!

Un vol Air France parti de Paris en direction de Beyrouth a été dérouté vers Amman ce soir en raison de la situation au Liban. “Par précaution, Air France a dérouté le vol sur Amman car les conditions de sécurité ne sont pas entières à Beyrouth”, notamment sur la route de l’aéroport, a indiqué à l’AFP une porte-parole de la compagnie aérienne.

Selon une source aéroportuaire à Beyrouth, “la direction d’Air France à Paris a pris cette décision après avoir reçu des informations selon laquelle la route de l’aéroport est bloquée par des manifestations”. Des manifestants chiites ont bloqué la route de l’aéroport en brûlant des pneus. [Figaro]

Update: The plane had to land in Damascus apparently because it was running out of fuel. With everything that’s going on in Beirut, it’s safer to land here than in Syria that’s for sure! Thanks Sarah

Picture from Annahar taken few hours ago

The Dark Knight Rises is awesome!

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I don’t need to say more honestly, it’s a freaking amazing movie! Go watch it as soon as you can!

Now you might ask me how I got tickets a day ahead of the release date, well it wasn’t an invite nor a gift nor did I need a special “wasta” to get an “avant-premiere” ticket. What happened is that my brother’s friend just called CinemaCity and booked tickets for Wednesday and we just went. That doesn’t make any sense to be honest but that’s how I got my ticket and the theater was half-empty probably because no one knew about this session.

My question is why didn’t they launch the movie on Wednesday if everyone could have come to see it?

Families in Lebanon have “military wings” now!

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Al-Meqdad family announced on Wednesday that its military wing has so far kidnapped more than 20 Free Syrian Army members in Lebanon and promised a “hefty catch.” It later said that it had abducted near Beirut a Turkish national of the Soufan family, media reports stated. [Naharnet]

I am considering starting my own military wing and abducting pop star Lara Kays. I am sure people will pay millions of dollars to free her.

Abandoned Puppy Mill discovered in Mount Lebanon by BETA

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Warning: This video contains Graphic Content

Twenty-eight dog carcasses were found in the heart of Mount Lebanon, in a crowded area where kids play and hang out. Twelve dogs were also found alive, feeding on the carcasses. [Link]

It is time to set standards for puppy mills in Lebanon and support Animals Lebanon’s campaign to enact national animal protection and welfare legislation. Help BETA Lebanon achieve these goals by signing their petitions [Here] and [Here].

Thank you Hala