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Did L’Oreal Fire Najwa Karam for Praising Hitler?

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Start watching at Minute 33:51

Update: I just got a confirmation from a friend who worked with L’Oreal that she was fired.

Remember the TV show where Najwa Karam picked Adolph Hitler as one of the many men that, if combined, would make her ideal man? Well it seems L’Oreal ended its collaboration with the Lebanese singer following her interview back in June 2012 but it hasn’t been made official yet.

The reason I remember that now is that I was reading an article published in Al Balad newspaper few days ago on that matter where they are trying to justify what Najwa Karam said and explaining that it wasn’t that wrong.

I am glad they fired her. It was an irresponsible answer.

Miss Lebanon 2012 is Rina Chibani

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Rina Chibani was crowned Miss Lebanon tonight and her twin sister Romy was the first runner-up. I saw parts of it and couldn’t help wondering the following:

1- I love and respect Maxime Chaaya but what did they choose him to be on a beauty pageant jury?
2- Why are LBC giving so much importance to Facebook and Twitter in the interview? What does having a Facebook or Twitter account have to do with being Miss Lebanon?
3- How fair is it to let two sisters compete? That’s just weird.
4- Why is an 8-month pregnant lady presenting the show? Why take this risk?

Also, I was reading Rina’s Q&A and I noticed this answer:

Q: What would you change about yourself and why?
A: If I could change something about myself it would be my sensibility.

How exactly do you change your sensibility?

Nevertheless, Rina seems like a good choice. Check out the other contestants [Here].

Looking for a part-time job in Lebanon?

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Picture from the DailyStar

Despite the economic crisis in Lebanon and the tensions in the region as a whole, Tripoli has managed to create new job opportunities for its residents:

Job Opening 1: Young or Experienced Militia Fighter
Starting Salary for recruits is 200$

Job Opening 2: Leader of an armed group of 10-15 gunmen armed with automatic rifles and hand grenades
Starting Salary = 600$

For those interested, be there when clashes erupt and prove yourselves by killing at least 1 or 2 gunmen. Headshots will earn you an extra 100$ per kill.

Read more about it [Here].

PS: If you have no military experience whatsoever, you can always deliver arguile to the fighters. Plenty of job openings in Bab el Tabbaneh and Jabal Mohsen.

Arguile is a must even during clashes in Lebanon: Picture from Al-Akhbar

iPhone5 priced at around 1300$ in lebanon

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I’ve asked 4 mobile stores already and they all gave me prices between 1200$ and 1350$. I also saw a price close to 1300$ on the internet. Added to that, the Nano SIM won’t be an issue as they’ve figured out a way to turn the micro SIM into a Nano SIM.

Is it worth it? Definitely not! It’s almost 500$ more expensive than its original price outside.

Alex Riachi: Batal min Zahle

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Lebanese Alex Riachi should have entered the book of records by now after he dragged trucks weighting more than 10 tons with his ponytail. The world record is held by an Indian national who has only managed to drag 6.4 tons with his hair.

Alex is asking now for an official backing from the President of the Republic Michel Sleiman to enter the Guinness book of world records. He claims that he is capable of tugging an airplane with his hair but he has not been giving permission to do so at Rafic Hariri’s international airport, as well as breaking large rocks with his hands and sustain the weight of a 700-kilogram rock on his chest. [Naharnet]

Alex Riachi is the son of Wrestling Champion Tanios Riachi (Chamchoum) and trains to the songs of Nicolas al-Osta.

Instead of backing stupid world records such as the world’s largest lemonade cup or longest Kabab sandwich, we should give this man a chance to prove his strength and break some decent Guinness world records!