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The Cedars’ “Winter Revolution”

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I have to say preserving the Cedars is important but shouldn’t we give our politicians a raise first? I mean it’s all about priorities isn’t it? Oh and let’s not forget Fattoush’s 400 million dollars!

The cherished Cedar Tree (Cedrus libani) is not well. It is fighting its own revolution against time. It is feeling the strains of centuries and is at risk from global warming and insects. It has now been added to the list of threatened species, although at the lowest level of threat, by the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN), the world’s oldest and largest global environmental organization.
In the past, Lebanese mountains were covered with Cedars. Sadly, all that is left today is 18 scattered patches of protected Cedar land. In total, protected forests (both Cedar and other) make up approximately four to eight percent of the Lebanese territory. [Full Post]

Thank you Mich for this insightful post!

Yes to opening Rene Moawad’s Airport in Qlaiaat!

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Annahar reported today that “the transformation of the Qlaiaat airport in the North into a large-scale facility would provide 6,000 new job opportunities on the first year of its operation”. [Full Article]

The cost of rehabilitating the whole airport is only 45 million dollars, which is nothing compared to the profits it will bring in. Added to that, PM Najib Mikati is showing interest in this issue and has “tasked Public Works Minister Ghazi Aridi to prepare a feasibility study after a suggestion by Finance Minister Mohammed Safadi to allow Middle East Airlines to use it”, which is good. Unfortunately though, the decision to open the airport is more complicated than that and is not just about money.

Nevertheless, we can only hope it will open because we do need another airport.

CineMall’s VIP lounge

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Cinemall is the new kid on the cinema block, located at Le Mall – Dbayeh, but don’t be fooled by the “new kid”. Cinemall is a state-of-the-art 8 screen multiplex featuring the very best in digital film and sound technology and seats so comfortable you won’t want to go home. We have even a VIP cinema for those who want to feel like a KING or QUEEN for day. [Link]

There are now have two VIP theaters within a 100 meters distance (ABC & CineMall). Also and just like ABC, you will be able to buy e-tickets on CineMall’s website but it’s not yet available. [CineMall]

ABC’s VIP theater

$40 bln gas reserves off the Lebanese coast

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I’ve been hearing about such studies for the past 10 years and still nothing has been done to extract that gas. Maybe it’s better if it remains buried as I have a feeling it will only bring us trouble.

An international firm has estimated the volume of gas in Lebanon’s south-west corner to be close to 25 trillion cubic feet, valued by experts to be worth over $40 billion.

“In the 3,000 square kilometers we are covering in the south-west corner of Lebanon, near the borders of Cyprus and Israel, an initial assessment [indicates] there may be 25 trillion cubic feet of gas,” David Rowlands, chief executive of Britain-based Geo Ltd. Spectrum Company CEO, told The Daily Star Friday. [Link]

Our dear Energy Minister Gebran Bassil “said the initial survey by Spectrum suggested that one of several blocks in the area contains a potential 12 trillion cubic feet of gas that could meet Lebanon’s electricity production needs for 99 years”, but what he did not tell us is how many years do we have to wait before this happens?

The greatest threat to Lebanon’s national security …

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Forget the armed groups kidnappings citizens all over Lebanon…
Forget the armed militiamen firing at each other killing innocent people in the process …
Forget the criminals, thieves and rapists …
Forget the thugs burning tires and blocking roads …
Forget the fanatics burning down KFC, Hardees and a bunch of other shops …

Forget all those minor threats to our security and meet those behind the insecurity in Lebanon:

Approximately seven activists from the Chaml civil rights group took to Parliament Street this morning dressed in wedding attire and holding placards calling for the passing of a non-religious personal status law, aka civil marriage law. Their demands were met by the same reaction. They were arrested, beaten and humiliated with one of them being subjected to sexual harassment with a use of a rifle. [Link]


Picture from LBC Blogs

Rikky’z entrance fee doubled in 2 years

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As I posted earlier today, I was at Rikky’s yesterday and it was a lot of fun, but I just realized that the entrance fee went from 30$ in 2010 to 60$ this summer!

The place is still the same, the atmosphere is great and I had a lot of fun, but I think 60$ is a bit too much specially that the buffet is small and food is average. I mean I had to wait at least 20-30 minutes at the grill to get a small piece of steak and an undercooked chicken breast.

Maybe it’s better if they charge us the 60$ and let waiters bring us drinks and food. Nevertheless, I still think it’s a great place to spend your Sunday at and would probably go one more time before it closes down mid-October.