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Who’s to blame here?

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I was going through the Yasa website when I noticed this piece of news:

A 14 year old young man, called Mehdi Hamdan, was killed yesterday after he lost control of his car on the Nabatieh-Zebdeen highway. His father heads the Sayyid Mohammad Hussein Fadlallah social services bureau in Nabatieh.

While one cannot but feel sorry for his parents’ loss, the victim is only 14 years old and was driving around without a permit on the highway and jeopardizing people’s lives. Who’s to blame in that case? Is it wrong to hold the parents accountable in case they were letting him drive their car? How about the police? Don’t they patrol the highway in that area?

Lebanese Alternative/Rock band Roswell to open for Keane

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The below announcement was posted on Roswell’s Facebook Page a week ago. I wish them the best of luck as this is a great opportunity for them as a local band.

For Our Biggest Announcement This Year. Roswell Will Be Supporting KEANE On October 13 @ Forum De Beirut. [Link]

You can buy tickets for Keane on Virgin’s Ticketing box office website [Here].

PS: Thank God Keane won’t be performing anytime soon in Israel. [Upcoming concerts]

Annual Salaries of Lebanese Politicians

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Picture Taken from Al-Akhbar

President of the Republic: LL225,000,000 ($150,000)

Parliament Speaker and Prime Minister: LL212,844,000 million ($141,896)

Minister: LL212,844,000 ($103,496)

Member of Parliament: LL153,000,000 ($102,000)

Adding all the “extra benefits”, the total paid for officials to do their work is around LL41.84 billion ($28 million) a year.

And they still want a raise on top of all that!

Check out the full article [Here].

How much did the Pope’s visit cost?

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Picture taken from LaiquePride Facebook Group

This picture has been circulating around on Facebook and Twitter for the past few days by few people who believe we should not have welcome the Pope. Executive Magazine also posted about this issue [Here]. While I totally respect atheists and non-believers, I think they are a bit over-reacting to an event that has brought joy and hope to hundreds of thousands of Lebanese, Christians and non-Christians.

We have the most corrupt politicians and officials, an overwhelming incompetence in the government institutions, corruption and bribery everywhere, no electricity, no water and lousy internet and the only thing annoying some Lebanese is the Pope? A peaceful guy who prays and blesses people all day?

I think the best answer to those is Jad’s one:

I am an atheist, and I joke about the Pope visiting Lebanon and it’s funny, but i have nothing against it. For you activists ( read actishits ) that seem to be so passionately against it, and opposing it, I f****** dare you to oppose the visit of a figure of a “different” religion as passionately ( please if you have activists friends share this with them, them hypocritical cockheads ) TOTALLY going to see the Pope tomorrow because screw actishits. 🙂

Via Elie’s blog

Lebanon defeats China by 20 points in ASIA FIBA Cup

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The massive win virtually wiped out the memories of the defeat Lebanon had suffered against Philippines on Saturday and put the WABA champions in an advantageous position for the top position in Group A should a three-way tie arise. China had beaten Philippines on the opening day. [Link]

The Lebanese National Basketball team is expected to advance easily to the quarter finals.

Walaw ya LBC?

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Watch from Minute 28:50

Lebanese Media are still picking up the fake story about the Lebanese (Fady Flat-White) who paid 200,000$ to ensure he gets the first iPhone5 and the latest victims were LBCI and Lebanonfiles. While Lebanonfiles took the time to translate the story into Arabic without checking its source, LBCI mentioned the story on their night bulletin tonight!!

I will be waiting for tomorrow’s news to see if they figured out where does the Lebanese family Flat-White come from and who is this mysterious Fadi Flat-White.

The Lebanese is always first but that’s not always a good thing

September Christmas

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CARMEN, 8 years old, currently bravely fighting cancer, wished for an iPad for Christmas. TAMANNA rushed Christmas just for her, in September.

Tamanna grants the wishes of children with critical illnesses to give them joy, strength and hope. To date, Tamanna has granted more than 970 wishes at the rate of 3 per week. To donate, please log on to:

Touching. [YouTube]