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Lebanon defeats Iran 1-0

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September 10: Iran national football team assistant coach António Simões says his side is ready to beat Lebanon in Beirut.

It looks like the Iranian coach forgot a few things as his side lost 1-0 by a superb goal from Roda Antar. Congrats to the Lebanese team!

Are you kidding me?

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Picture from NowLebanon

Despite the dilemma over the funding of the new wages scale, the salaries hike wasn’t limited to public sector employees but also reached the salaries and compensations of the three top presidential posts of the country, the ministers and the parliament members, As Safir newspaper reported on Tuesday. [Source]

Accordingly, the top 3 presidential posts will have an increase of around 6,200,000 LL while ministers and MPs will have an increase of around 4,300,000 LL.

Seriously? Is that the appropriate time to give raises to MPs and ministers? The funny thing is that the Economy and Trade minister is actually justifying this move, saying “the raise was equally distributed between everyone”. Couldn’t he have exempted high officials, MPs and Ministers from this law? How hard could it be?

Two months ago, Standard & Poor’s downgraded Lebanon’s outlook from stable to negative mainly due to its high public debt burden and large current account deficit. Instead of trying to cut down costs, we now added $1.2 billion for our state treasury to cover.

Abducted Syrians freed by the Lebanese army

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VDL (100.5): Interior Minister Marwan Charbel confirmed that the army freed the four kidnapped Syrians and arrested Hassan al-Meqdad who is the head of the clan’s military wing.

The abducted Turkish national Tufan Tekin was wounded in the raid apparently, while security sources are saying he was transferred to Bekaa.

Some good news for a change. It looks like the Mokdads are not going to get away with it after all. Let’s just hope things won’t go out of control after the Pope’s visit.

La Reserve, Afqa

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I had totally forgotten about this small piece of heaven until Mark posted about the amazing day he spent there. We used to organize a yearly biking trip all the way from Hrajil to Afqa and rest at the restaurant located underneath the cave and overlooking the Afqa falls. La Reserve wasn’t founded back then but was pretty much needed to preserve the location and organize all-day activities for nature-lovers and adventure-seekers.

If you don’t know what to do with your weekends, I highly recommend you book a full day at La Reserve. You can also go camping the night before in Faraya like Mark did. Check out more about La Reserve [Here].

Picture taken from 248am

You can reach La Réserve through five different paths:

– Beirut > Meirouba > Lassa > Afqa > Mnaitra (80 minutes drive)
– Beirut > Nahr-Ibrahim > Kartaba > Mnaitra (90 minutes drive)
– Beirut > Byblos > Laklouk > Akoura > Mnaitra (90 minutes drive)
– Tripoli > Byblos > Laklouk > Akoura > Mnaitra (90 minutes drive)
– Zahleh > Hadath-Baalbeck > Afqa (100 minutes drive)