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My Last Valentine in Beirut

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My Last Valentine in Beirut is a new Lebanese movie, the first 3D film in Lebanon and the Arab world, that will be released on November 15, 2012. It is produced by Assaad Tarabay, written and directed by Salim El Turk. I watched the trailer but it doesn’t say much about the movie. I just hope they didn’t overdo the 3D part and focused on making it an interesting and appealing movie.

Anyway, I will be surely watching the movie and reviewing it as soon as it comes out.

Leila Abdel Latif ya Latif!

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I was surprised to see Leila Abdel Latif on LBCI last night as I thought Lebanese were no longer interested in such stupidities. I hope LBCI are not relying too much on her or on Michel Hayek to see if they will be winning their appeal in court against the Lebanese Forces party.

In one of her predictions, she claimed Najwa Karam is going to get married. I will add to that prediction that the guy will have Hitler-like mustaches.

He killed his friend then walked in his funeral

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When I first heard about Roland Chbeir’s murder, I thought it was some robbery gone wrong, or someone settling personal issues with Roland, but the last thing that came to my mind was that his best friend shot him. The worst part is that Charbel Shallita, who confessed to murdering Roland, walked in his funeral and sat next to Chbeir’s family.

The only good thing out of this story is that the ISF were able to find the killer before he committed other crimes, since he had taken money from many of his friends according to LBC’s report.

Lebanese blogs app

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I first read about this app today on Joe’s box. It’s a nice app to have as you can check out strictly Lebanese blogs and maybe get to know some that you aren’t aware of, but it would have been nice to have a list of the blogs added or if we could filter the blogs we want to be reading.

Also, I didn’t like the logo at all but I am guessing it will change with time as the app evolves. It reminds me a lot of with the blue and red.

You can download it [Here].

Dulce n’ Banana

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The Smarties & Kit Kat Double Chocolate Birthday Cake

It was my brother’s day last week and I wanted to surprise him with an original cake, the Smarties & Kit Kat Double Chocolate Birthday Cake. It’s not really a cake but a nice idea, however I could not find anyone to do it for me before I was told about Dulce n’ Banana. It’s not a shop but just a Facebook page where you can order any cake/cookie/muffin you can think of. Everything is home-made and delicious. I already tried their muffins, a slice of the rainbow cake that one of my friends had ordered and the chocolate cookie shown in the last picture.

Rainbow cake

This idea of home-made cakes is still relatively new in Lebanon and people are not promoting it well even though it has a lot of potential. Having said that, Facebook is a very efficient and cost-effective way to kick off your business, specially that you can check out pictures and order without actually going there.

Last but not least, I was glad to know that they make apple and pecan pies. I ordered one of each and looking forwarding to trying them. I will let you know of the outcome since very few places in Lebanon make them.

For more information on Dulce n’ Banana, visit their Facebook page [Here].

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