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My Last Valentine in Beirut Facing Censorship Issues

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The order of nurses in Lebanon has apparently filed a complaint against Salim el Turk’s movie “My Last Valentine in Beirut” as they felt disrespected by few scenes of the movie, which has been showing for only 2 weeks now. Salim el Turk stated that he didn’t receive any official letter yet and that he’s against any type of censorship.

What’s next? Ask the authorities to confiscate all the naughty nurse costumes for Halloween and Barbara?

We have officially reached a new level of stupidity in Lebanon.


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This is the new international version of LBC after Pierre el Daher lost LBC SAT to Walid Ben Talal.

The “Lebanese Diaspora Channel (LDC) was launched 25 November 2012. LDC will allow viewers to follow their favorite LBC programs that got the highest view rates such as the political talk show “Kalam Ennas”, the diversified and humanitarian program “Celebrity Duets”, and other social shows such as “Ahmar BelKhat AlAreed”. [Wiki]

Pierre Hashash to be released without any Charges

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After getting arrested and beaten with rifles by army intelligence officers in broad daylight outside Dunkin Donuts in Batroun, and spending almost a week in Qobbeh prison in Tripoli, Pierre Hashash will be released tomorrow without any charges as reported by Naharnet.

Hashash will have to witness in a civil case though as his file was transferred to Baabda’s civil court. As for the army intelligence officers who brutally assaulted Pierre and made his head bleed, well there’s no mention of that in the report.

I am still puzzled as to why they beat up the poor man only to release him without any charges. I hope Kahwaji will take measures to prevent such incidents in the future.

Picture from NowLebanon showing the blood of beaten Lebanese political activist Pierre Hashash on the floor of Batroun’s Serail.

Fashion on BlogBaladi

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When someone mentions fashion in Lebanon, first thing that comes to my mind is the Lingerie show in Faraya

Someone pointed out to me the other day that she loved BlogBaladi because I talked about all sorts of topics, including Fashion. I was a bit surprised at first because I couldn’t remember writing fashion posts, or at least it’s been a long while since I ever wrote one. In fact it’s been almost 10 months since I came up that “Zuhair Mrad: Like a Boss” post.

Nevertheless, even though I am not really interested in fashion, I’ve been following up closely on a Lebanese fashion blogger who’s been doing a great job ever since she launched her blog and that I believe is worth a mention. She posts regularly, passionately in a professional manner and is one of the most active fashion bloggers in Lebanon.

To be honest, some of the posts/reviews she writes don’t really interest me but others are fun to read and could prove helpful when you need to buy your gf/fiancee/wife a gift. She always tries to have the scoop on upcoming fashion events/openings/shows and posts tons of pictures of herself or others trying out new outfits. Plus she’s posting about men fashion lately so that ought to teach us men a few things, such as how to dress for work for example.

I am talking about L’armoire de Lana of course, which you can visit by clicking [Here].

Marion Bistro – Cafe

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Marion – Atelier de Gourmandises

I passed by Le Mall Dbayeh last Thursday to have lunch but had no idea where to go. I walked across Level2, which is packed with all sorts of restaurants, before I finally got to Marion Bistro and decided to give it a try. Marion is a French Bistro located at the best possible spot on Level2, with an outdoor terrace overlooking the highway and Marina Dbayyeh. It serves brunch, lunch and dinner and has one of the best salad bars!

What I liked most about this place it that it’s spacious and situated in a relatively calm corner of the mall. It’s the ideal place for families but also for couples to hang out away from the overly-crowded diners, pizzerias and burger places. It also overlooks the mall, the highway and part of the Marina Dbayyeh, which I know is not that great but better than not having any view at all.

As far as the food is concerned, you can choose from a large selection of salads, appetizers, sandwiches, pastas, hot dishes and of course their list of desserts all at reasonable prices. I’ve been to Marion 3 times already and was pleased with most of the dishes I ordered. I liked their Club Saumon, the “Australien Black Angus” steak, Coq au Vin and the Vitello Tonnato appetizer. The quiche however wasn’t that great and overpriced.

Filet de Boeuf Bresilien

Added to that, I am a big fan of salad bars and Marion has one of the best salad bars in Lebanon. The display is great, there’s a decent selection of ingredients and the salad dressings are put in small pitchers on the side, which is better and neater in my opinion than those large bowls and ladles.

Salad Bar

Moving on to my favorite part, which are the desserts, I strongly recommend the Mi-Cuit Au Chocolat and the Creme Brulee. I didn’t like their Tiramisu though.

Mi-Cuit au Chocolat (Using Belgian Chocolate)

All in all, Marion is my favorite type of restaurants, as it’s spacious, has a decent salad bar, some good desserts and fine dishes. Price-wise, the majority of items vary between 15 and 20$ (excluding desserts) and the salad bar is priced at 22,000 which I think is a reasonable price.

If you wish to know more about Marion, visit their Facebook Page [Here].