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What is happening in the Lebanese Basketball League?

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I just read on that 5 Lebanese Basketball teams (Riyadi, Byblos, Amchit, Hoops and Muttahed) in the first division have suspended their participation after being lied to prior to the Lebanese Federation elections.

What happened (According to the article) was that all teams agreed on a list of candidates to head the new federation, only to see this accord changed on elections day by Jihad Salameh, who’s in charge of the sports section in a prominent Lebanese political party. Honestly, I have no idea about what’s happening but when you have 5 teams out of 10 suspending their participation, with 4 of them ranked in the top 6, whomever came up with this federation is obviously doing a bad job.

I’ve said it and repeat it a zillion times, politics should be strictly forbidden in sports events and Lebanese Federations should not be influenced by members of political parties at all. In fact, I don’t understand how you can mess up the elections of a Lebanese Basketball Federation. If the aim is to encourage the teams, improve the sport and modernize it, then find someone competent and neutral having everyone’s consent to head the federation. How hard can it be?

Allah yer7am President Choueiri.

On Pierre Hashash’s arrest

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Pierre Hashash was intercepted two days ago by plain-clothed army intelligence and beaten with rifles on his head in broad daylight outside Dunkin Donuts in Batroun. He was taken to Batroun’s serail then to Qobbeh prison in Tripoli where he’s being held as we speak. For those of you who don’t know Pierre, he’s an artist and a controversial figure who runs for parliament using sarcastic slogans and banners.

The reasons for which he was detained are still not clear, as some are saying it’s because of insults against the Lebanese Army and its chief that he posted on Facebook, while others are saying his arrest was due to a personal dispute with an army officer. In both cases, the way he was beaten up is unacceptable and unnecessary. As for the legal aspect of his arrest, some are arguing that it’s illegal while the army is saying there are several legal cases against him.

This being said, I find it surprising that the army would behave that way a day before the Independence specially that their slogan for this year’s Independence celebration was “Jayebli Salam” (English: Bringing peace). I also find it hard to believe Army chief Kahwaji would allow such a thing on the eve of a ceremony that he’s been working on personally. It could be a personal dispute like some media sources suggested, but that doesn’t justify one single bit the method used to apprehend Pierre.

So until things are cleared out, I honestly believe everyone should calm down and stop taking shots at the army and its head, because it will only make things worse. Pierre has a lawyer taking care of his case and hopefully some politicians or high-officials have already done their calls to settle this case once and for all.

A 100% Lebanese alcohol product night at EM Chill

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EM Chill is organizing a 100% Lebanese alcohol night on November 28th, to support our local brands while listening to local tunes all night. All drinks will be priced at 4,000 LL only.

I think they should offer discounts on food items as well, because if there’s Arak at only 4000 Lebanese Liras the drink, people will get wasted before the party kicks in!

Check EM Chill’s Facebook Page [Here] for more info.


Jennifer Lopez raises the Lebanese flag during her Dubai Concert

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Picture by Carmen Chammas

Jennifer Lopez surprised her fans today by holding the Lebanese flag at her Dubai Concert in celebration of Lebanon’s Independence day. I don’t know why she would do such a thing but it’s pretty cool of her, at least for the Lebanese watching the show.

Picture from Tinia Nassif taken from Gino’s Blog

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Alfa’s “Army Line”

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As far as I know, Independence day is for all the Lebanese, not just the army. So it wouldn’t hurt if Alfa & Touch did something for all their users, such as doubling those ridiculously low 3G caps for everyone free of charge or lowering the 3G plans prices. Is that too much to ask?

Alfa mobile network has launched the “Army Line,” an exclusive offer to the Lebanese Army with preferential rates on its calls, SMS and data, the state-run National News Agency said Wednesday. The Army Line offers price cuts on phone calls, SMS and Internet access for fixed lines that reach up to 80 percent. [Naharnet]