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Onlivery is a new Lebanese app developed by ELIXIR that allows you to order food online from over 55 restaurants. I was a bit skeptical about trying the service at first but it turned out to be real easy and practical. Upon downloading it, you get both an email and an SMS (Since SMSes can take forever to come in Lebanon) with a code to activate your account. Once registered, you have to enter a valid mailing address and a list of restaurants that deliver to this address will automatically show under “Restaurants”. Of course you can enter as many addresses as you want and every time you select one, you are redirected to the corresponding restaurants based on the location.

Upon placing your order, there’s a cool feature that allows you to customize your dish/salad/sandwich/burger or whatever you are having. For example if you don’t like onions or pickles in your sandwiches, you can tick them off. You can also specify before submitting your order if you need cash change. I noticed there’s a delivery charge of 1500LL for most of the restaurants I chose but I am not sure if it applies to all. The only drawback I found was that you can’t place many orders from different restaurants at once but I am sure they’ll work on improving it if the app picks up and the list of restaurants grows bigger.

Onlivery is free of charge and available for iOS and Android devices. [iOS] [Android]

Miss Lebanon hot favourite for Miss Universe 2012

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Miss Universe 2012 is taking place on the 19th of December at 8pm at Planet Hollywood Resort and Casino and Miss Lebanon Rina Chibani seems to be one of the hot favorites to win the title. The Preliminaries took place two days ago and from what I’ve read on several websites and blogs, Rina should easily make it into the last 15 (The 16th Semi-Finalist will be selected by “Fan Vote”).

I have to say she’s the most beautiful Miss Lebanon we’ve had in years, but she doesn’t look well prepared and is very hesitant in her interviews. I hope she’s preparing herself well for the final round because she’s truly gorgeous.

Here are links to some of the articles I found on Miss Universe 2012 talking about Rina Chibani and/or showing pictures of her.

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Lebanon beats mighty Portugal at Copa Lagos Beach Soccer cup

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Lebanese Beach Soccer player Haitham Fattal

Lebanon is the first team from the Middle East to take part in the Copa Lagos cup and has already made his presence felt by defeating 6-times Beach Soccer European Champions Portugal 5-4. Lebanon had lost its opening game to hosts Nigeria 7-6.

As stated in Copa Lagos’ website, Lebanon is an emerging force in Beach Soccer as they finished 4th at the Asian games in June 2012 and topped the qualifying group by winning all 3 games, including an impressive 8-3 victory over the UAE.

For those of you who don’t know about Copa Lagos, here’s a brief overview:

Copa Lagos Beach Soccer, is the first ever international beach soccer event to take place in Nigeria and in all Sub-Saharan Africa.

Founded in 2011, Copa Lagos is organised under the scope of Beach Soccer Worldwide (BSWW) World Tour and will take place every year in December, in Lagos, Nigeria. The competition is played in a Round-Robin format (League Format), allowing in this way the opportunity for each team to prove themselves against all participants during three days of competition.

Copa Lagos is broadcasted in 21 international channels (Eurosport, Al-Jazeera, Globo, ESPN, Sky Sport, Canal Plus, FOX Sports, Supersport, among others) and in one national partner channel AIT (African Independent Television). Copa Lagos also aims to have a strategic role in development of beach soccer in Nigeria. In this context each edition of the competition will offer Beach Soccer Clinics and certified Refereeing and Coaching workshops.

You can check out more pictures of both games [Here] and [Here].

Dual Play is Awesome!

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One of the coolest features that I’ve been wanting to try on the LG Cinema 3D TV is the Dual Play. I’ve been playing PS3 games for years on a split screen against my two brothers and it really sucks even if you have a 60 inch TV. As much as you try not to cheat, there’s always someone eyeballing your part of the screen to check your location, specially in shooting games like Call of Duty.

Well all of that has changed with LG’s 3D Dual Play where each player sees a full-screen image simply by wearing the Special Dual Play glasses. I thought at first that the 3D glasses you get with the TV are the same ones you use for the Dual Play but as it turns out, there are different ones. I asked LG if they could provide me with the glasses and they were kind enough to do so. In order to understand why they are different and how LG’s passive Dual Play mode works, I did some research and posted below an excerpt from a website that explained it best in my opinion.

3D is achieved by tricking your brain into seeing “depth”. In order to see depth from a 3D TV, each eye has to have a slightly different image. Just like if you were to alternate closing one eye at a time, the image you see with your right eye, will be slightly different that what you saw with your left eye. This is the basis of how your brain is “tricked” into see “depth”. LG achieves this with their polarized TV panel and 3D glasses. Each lens of the polarized glasses has built-in filters that block lines of resolution; normally the left will block the even and the right the odd lines. When Dual Play is activated you’ll see two full screen images on one screen with the naked eye. While viewing through the special glasses made by LG for Dual Play (essentially two left lens in one pair and two right lens in the other pair). One of the images shown will use all even lines of resolution and the other will use all odd lines of resolution. Yielding full screen game play for everyone. All LG Cinema 3D LED with Smart TV have this feature built-in. Each player can see the full game from their own perspective. [Source] [Video]

Dual Play is very easy to set up as you can turn it on and off from the TV’s remote control. There’s one thing I noticed though is that you need to be sitting on the same level as the TV to get an optimal picture. If you are looking up or down at the screen, you might see a bit from the other player’s screen but they are not visible enough to annoy you. I uploaded a small video while playing Black Ops II to show you the different image each Dual Play glass is showing.

Last but not least, the great thing about Dual Play is that it works on any passive 3D TV, which means that you can use it with any console game that supports a split-screen mode, not just a few selected games. I think that’s pretty cool as more people will be able to enjoy this feature.

I know many of you are waiting for the competition to kick off to see who’s gonna win this awesome TV. I will be announcing it on Monday when I post the full review. Until then, I will be enjoying Dual Play Gaming and testing other features.

Death Penalty for Myriam el Achkar’s killer

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Syrian national Fathi Jaber al-Salatin, who was accused of killing Myriam al-Ashqar in November 2011, was sentenced to death on Friday. Al-Ashqar, 28, was found dead and soaked in blood in the outskirts of Sahel Alma on November 22, 2011. [Link]

I understand that what he did to Myriam is terrible, and I cannot imagine what her family and friends must have felt, but like I’ve said on several occasions, I would never opt for the death penalty as a punishment.

May she R.I.P.