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The New Boubouffe

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I finally passed by Boubouffe’s new location yesterday and I wasn’t disappointed one single bit. As some of you know, Boubouffe closed down its original branch and moved to a newly revamped location. The place looks nice, the bar is still there and the Shawarma is still the best you could ever taste.

Price for one Shawarma Chicken + Soft Drink = 11000LL which is around 7$.

It’s expensive but worth every penny.

PS: Boubouffe’s burgers are worth a try too and the Moules et Frites as well.

Update: The new location is on Charles Malek’s Avenue (Hekmeh Main Door) before the old MTV Building. It’s open on the main road so you can’t miss it.





Saving the Crocodile from the Beirut River

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Animals Lebanon have been working for a week now with the Ministry of Agriculture and Civil Defense Team to try and capture the dangerous crocodile but as you can see from the pictures, the conditions of the so-called Beirut river are so bad that it is the crocodile who’s in danger and not us.

All pictures taken from Animals Lebanon Facebook Page.

It has been almost a week since we became involved with the Beirut river crocodile. In cooperation with the Ministry of Agriculture, our team along with the Civil Defense team have been taking shifts on a daily basis at the river. Permits from the Mayor of Beirut and the Minister of Energy and Water have been secured to let our team access the area and try to safely capture the crocodile.



Lens on Life in Lebanon

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LOLM_Ruta from Ann Megalla

Lens on Life in Lebanon uploads stories captured & reflected through the eyes of migrant domestic workers living in Beirut. You can check out more videos [Here] and their website [Here].

Lens on Life Multimedia is a participatory photography workshop, exhibition and online initiative designed to give marginalised and persecuted groups a space to shape and share their unique story through the art of photography and digital storytelling.

Our mission is to promote human rights issues, celebrate cultural diversity, and encourage the international community to support and advocate for positive, meaningful changes to people’s lives.

LOLM_Adam from Ann Megalla

The Janna Dam: Yet Another Scandal?

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Building a dam in Janna could affect the water flow to Jeita Springs

The German Federal Institute for Geosciences and Natural Resources published a [report] back in May 2012 on the Janneh dam and gave the below conclusion and recommendations:

Conclusion and Recommendations:
The results of all four measurement campaigns prove the existence of a massive infiltration into the J4 aquifer in the Upper Nahr Ibrahim Valley and have major implications for the currently ongoing planning of the Janneh dam which extends well into the assumed zone of high infiltration.

The exact location of the infiltration zone could be narrowed down to the area shown in Figure 23. The infiltration zone could start at an elevation of approx. 80m asl going up to around 860 m asl. The major infiltration is assumed to be at an elevation of 810-820 m asl. The planned minimum level of the Janneh dam would be at 834 m asl, the maximum level at 839 m asl. Due to infiltration between 14 and 29 m of storage would be lost completely.

In view of the current findings, it is strongly recommended not to go ahead with the construction of the planned Janneh dam.

The infiltrating water is believed to flow towards Jeita spring, constituting a large share of discharge at Jeita Spring. Any interference at the infiltration zone would directly affect Jeita spring. Should it be attempted to seal the infiltration zone, though practically impossible, discharge at Jeita spring would be significantly reduced.

It is recommended to establish a completely new monitoring of spring flow at Afqa and Rouaiss springs because both stations are in a state of disrepair and do not produce useful results. Construction costs for both are in the range of 1 Mio USD.

Despite these facts, The Energy and Water Ministry Gebran Bassil is going ahead with plans to build a dam in Janna, knowing that this plan might potentially damage Jeita Grotto.

Is Bassil aware of this report? Does he know something we don’t?

Either way, he’s a resigned minister now and hopefully this plan will never see the light.