Wrecked cars for sale

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Asshole mentality: I’ll buy a totaled car, sell it for a small profit to a garage. The garage repairs the car and makes it look brand new. Some poor guy buys the previously wrecked car and spends a fortune on maintenance over the years…

There’s a parking lot next to the SNA building in Tabaris that frequently displays wrecked cars. A couple of weeks ago he had a Toyota RAV4 that was a complete wreck: airbags out, windshield broken, axles bent, front part completely damaged and he wanted 20,000$ for it!

His logic: you buy it for 20,000, you repair it for 2,000 and you sell it for 23 or 24,000.

He thought we were serious buyers, so he said: “ntebeh, ana ma bjib gheyr lebneni!” lol!

The new car he’s displaying is an SLK, I’m guessing early 2000s that is completely damaged on the side. Hit by a bus maybe?

I’m gonna ask the guy how much he wants for it on my way out from work.

5 thoughts on “Wrecked cars for sale

  1. A fan

    I’m soooo happy to be seeing your posts again Chahe. We really missed you sooooo much here. keep posting this great stuff

  2. Najib

    There are people specialized in repairing such vehicles. The only positive aspect is when you are a mechanic. You get yourself a lot of great deals on those cars specially from the states.

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