3 million without power on the East Coast

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My Dad’s reaction: “3 million people without electricity since this morning??? Oh my god! what a tragedy. Pfft, we haven’t had electricity here since I was a teenager!”

6 thoughts on “3 million without power on the East Coast

  1. LebExile

    it’s not something they are used to – if they power goes out long enough there – there will be rioting in the streets and looting! All it takes is a power outage and all alarm systems are disabled.

  2. A Voice from NY

    LebExile – c’mon! The East Coast isn’t a flippin lawless jungle! We’ve been through our power outages before. As a matter of fact, many on Staten Island (NY) tend to lose power whenever it rains. Aside from the issues on Staten Island, New York, has had several times where areas have been without power for DAYS and guess what . . . not a single riot, just a few rotten veggies! Case in point, last summer NYC’s power grid was overloaded due to the extreme heat and parts of Queens was without power for several days. Instead of riots, we had block parties where neighbors shared their BBQ’s with each other so they could grill all their meats before it spoiled and went to waste.

    In all honesty, I’ve seen the coverage that’s been shown overseas and much of it is really out proportion. I’m not trying to downgrade the devastation that many on the East Coast (parts of NC and Vermont) have had to deal with, but it’s really not as bad as everyone thinks (Gloria in the ’80’s was a hell of a lot more devastating). Just to put things into perspective, 370,000 New Yorker City residents were asked to evacuate and 53,000 New Yorkers have lost power at some point during the storm . . . those numbers may sound insane to some, but in retrospect, NYC (not state) has an estimated population of more than 8 million people.

    Hurricanes, Tropical Storms, Nor-Easters, Tornadoes, Micro-Bursts, and Blizzards (and even the occasional earthquake) are all a part of life on the East Coast . . . from Florida on up . . . and power outages are just part of the package. It’s really nothing new.

  3. Ronman

    CNN is the most dramatic news broadcast network…

    I get to hurl usually after about 10 minutes…and they you got that richard quest fella, and his noisy voice…Aaaahhhh someone shut him up…


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