10 thoughts on “3G stopped?

  1. Richard


    Speedtest uses a server somewhere to test upload and download. It usually selects the nearest server registered with them. In this case, it is Damascus.
    Najib and Mark are made in Lebanon so don’t worry and keep reading the blog! 🙂

  2. Najib Post author

    The article basically says that the 3G license MTC and Alfa were granted is illegal and that the MOT cannot move on with the 3G project.

    I still have it cause it’s a testing phase but we have to wait and see if it will ever be launched officially or stopped until this legal issue is resolved.

  3. choura2yak

    It is a political issue and Imad Torbey (Cedercom CEO) is backed by the guys of 14 March and Marwan hamade specifically since his Son Karim was promised long time ago to have a part of the 3G business in lebanon! Honestly i don’t care about politics and all the Bull shit around all i care about is to have a reliable decent internet service in lebanon that will help me and many others to improve our business and contribute in helping lebanon’s economy getting our from Dust! I hope we all support the concept of having a decent internet service, competitive prices, high speed with a minimal down time regardless who does and signs this achievement!


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