50 days of discounts to revive Lebanon’s tourism

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If the Ministry of Tourism really wants this 50-day period to work, they should also force politicians to cut down their speeches and appearances by at least 50% during the 50-day period.

In 2013 Lebanon can expect 50 days of discounts on airline tickets, at hotels and shopping centers as part of a bid to revive the country’s tourism sector after months of stagnation, the country’s tourism minister announced Tuesday.

“We had our first meeting of the Lebanese Council for Promotions and decided to launch 50 days of discounts in Lebanon starting Jan. 8 until Feb. 18, including discounts on airlines tickets, hotels, car rentals as well as at restaurants and shopping centers,” Fadi Abboud told reports at the Grand Serail. [DailyStar]

7 thoughts on “50 days of discounts to revive Lebanon’s tourism

  1. Andre

    Not trying to sound negative but:

    Is there 50 days between jan 8 and Feb 18 th ? If yes, I wasn’t able to find them!
    And are the prices going to be tripled before getting discounted as usual or the 3 year old stock will be on display ?

    Nice gesture though, and hope they invest in execution and follow up!


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