567 thefts in 9 months in Lebanon

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Here is a nice article on the number of robberies occurring and the techniques used.

Weirdly enough, 381 out of the 567 robberies reported were in Mount Lebanon while only 93 occurred in Beirut. Something doesn’t seem right about those stats.

2 thoughts on “567 thefts in 9 months in Lebanon

  1. Wael

    This happened with me once, there was a stranger who started talking with me in frensh (to appear that he is an innocent lost foreigner) where I am 100% sure that he is lebanese and knows arabic more than me! Anyway, he stood very near me while I am in my car and asked me how to go to a village in south. It didn’t make sense to me that a foreigner wants to go to a village while he is inside a neighborhood in beirut. He was very suspicious and so I told him i dont know french and sped up with my car.


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