BlogBaladi Earning The Top Spot In Communicate Levant’s Book of Tens (Top Social Media Influencers)

Communicate Levant just released their book of tens 2015 which includes comprehensive lists of everything that happened in Lebanon last year from viral campaigns, YouTube hits, epic media mistakes, promising local startups, bad outdoor ads, only-in-Lebanon images, ten hilarious people to follow in Facebook, ten hashtags that should be banned, ten most popular local TV […]

Communicate Magazine Top 10 Lebanese Blogs

Picture via Joe BlogBaladi was among Communicate Magazine’s Top 10 Lebanese Blogs in their “2013 book of tens”. The supplement includes Top 10 of viral campaigns, copycats, local videos, blogs and other social-media related topics. Other blogs mentioned (in no specific order) include: – Beirut Spring – A Separate state of mind – Plus961 – […]

Lebanese National Dialogue Etiquette

Screenshot taken from the song – Panique bil parlement Just like #YouStink demonstrations apparently need to have an etiquette in Lebanon, participants in the National Dialogue session have to abide by a set of rules and regulations in order to make the most out of these sessions. Here are some of them: – Your convoy […]

Alfa 4G SIM & Dongle

I went to pick up the 4G SIM and Dongle for the test pilot phase today from Alfa’s premises. The 4G SIM won’t be activated though before the official launching date which wasn’t communicated yet but should be soon. The testing is for only one-month and I will have 10G to try out on the […]

We Love You Maya Zankoul!

Picture from Maya Zankoul I was very surprised to read Brofessional Review’s post on Maya, not because it was critical of Maya’s work, but because it was highly subjective, disrespectful and unfair. However, it’s their right to criticize the way they see fit and I will not bother reply as I am not fit to […]