Good News From Tripoli! KFC Opens Again ..

Picture from TripoliLebanonNews We haven’t heard good news from Tripoli for a long while now, but today KFC reopened its Tripoli branch after it got burned by demonstrators back in September 2012. I know that’s not a big deal when compared to what’s happening there but at least few Tripoli residents will get to work […]

KFC thieves arrested

I just posted this to inform you the two individuals who stole a KFC branch in Saida last week were finally arrested. The ISF members have been working day and night to catch those criminals and make sure KFC remains operational. Chicken-fried restaurants are a matter of national security in Lebanon.

Beirut Sees Deadly Start To Year 2014

A Hezbollah member holds a rifle at the site of an explosion in Beirut’s southern suburbs.(Reuters) We ended 2013 with a deadly explosion and we started the year 2014 in Beirut with a new explosion that killed 6 and injured tens. Unlike Mohammad Chatah’s assassination, there were no booby-trapped cars but a suicide bomber this […]

The greatest threat to Lebanon’s national security …

Picture from LBC Blogs Forget the armed groups kidnappings citizens all over Lebanon… Forget the armed militiamen firing at each other killing innocent people in the process … Forget the criminals, thieves and rapists … Forget the thugs burning tires and blocking roads … Forget the fanatics burning down KFC, Hardees and a bunch of […]

Meanwhile in Tripoli …

Via Annahar Al-Manar: Demonstrators in Tripoli, Lebanon set fire to KFC restaurant to protest anti-Islam film. Few media sources are saying it was an angry Lebanese policeman who started the fire after his order was 20 minutes late. Others are saying Tripoli residents thought of holding a large BBQ to welcome the Pope and things […]