A new GUINNESS record for Lebanon

The AUST Graphic and Interior Design Department is working on producing the world’s biggest “Barbara” mask to celebrate St.Barbara’s holiday this upcoming Friday(The Lebanese version of Halloween).

I don’t know what the mask will resemble though. It is not mentioned anywhere in the news.

So we have accomplished so far this year:
- The world’s largest hummus plate
- The world’s biggest Fattoush plate
- The world’s Tallest lit cross
- The world’s largest wine glass
- The world’s biggest handprint painting

Thanks Richy

6 thoughts on “A new GUINNESS record for Lebanon

  1. Samer

    you also forgot the most important world record we ever had…. “the world’s stupidest society”
    thank u AUST for making lebanon once again a better place …. -_-

  2. Gianni

    Lebanese seem to think they are the center of universe. They don’t realize their stupid “records” are only known by their 2198 followers!


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