A new GUINNESS record for Lebanon

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The AUST Graphic and Interior Design Department is working on producing the world’s biggest “Barbara” mask to celebrate St.Barbara’s holiday this upcoming Friday(The Lebanese version of Halloween).

I don’t know what the mask will resemble though. It is not mentioned anywhere in the news.

So we have accomplished so far this year:
The world’s largest hummus plate
The world’s biggest Fattoush plate
The world’s Tallest lit cross
The world’s largest wine glass
The world’s biggest handprint painting

Thanks Richy

6 thoughts on “A new GUINNESS record for Lebanon

  1. Samer

    you also forgot the most important world record we ever had…. “the world’s stupidest society”
    thank u AUST for making lebanon once again a better place …. -_-

  2. Gianni

    Lebanese seem to think they are the center of universe. They don’t realize their stupid “records” are only known by their 2198 followers!


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