4 thoughts on “A role model for all the Lebanese …

  1. maya

    Seen this quite often now it’s normal for them ,the way someone drives is the way he behaves in real life,yesssss corrupt lebanese

  2. LebExile

    what are you talking about – when cops are responding to an emergency, and stuck in traffic – they will jump the median strip – even in Australia this happens

  3. Girgege

    What’s the point of following road regulations when the road itself is designed horribly by some corrupt neopotistic minister who had his relatives/business partners/political party members design the road instead of properly qualified engineers; not to mention stealing 80% of the cash given to construct the road, leading to huge potholes every 10 meters, choke points every kilometer, completely flawed design and alignment of road intersections and interchanges with no consideration for future traffic flows. Yes I drive on the sidewalk too, cause in any other country there wouldn’t be traffic jams wherever you go.


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