A third smoke stack to be added to Zouk’s powerplant?

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I always complained that nothing’s being done to remove this power plant that’s polluting the whole Zouk area and causing numerous diseases, turns out there are plans to add a third smoke stack !!!!

Here’s an excerpt from a report done by Al Jomhouria.

وكشف كامل عن قرار اتخذ لزيادة وحدات الإنتاج فيه، ما سيحتمّ إضافة عمود ثالث على المجموعة. مُتوعّدا أنه سيقف في وجه كل من يحاول تنفيذ هذا المشروع، “سنكون لهم بالمرصاد، ليس فقط في الذوق، بل في كل معامل الكهرباء الموجودة في لبنان وغير المستوفية للشروط القانونية”ØŒ مؤكدا أنه “مش ممكن اليوم نِجِي نضَوّي لبنان على حساب صحة المواطن وحياته”ØŒ مشددا على ضرورة نقل هذه المصانع إلى أماكن بعيدة من المناطق السكنية.

[Full Report]

The ironic part is that instead of revolting against their municipalities and doing something to stop this pollution, the people in Zouk are actually building new apartments facing the power plant and selling them at crazy prices, and the worst part of all is that people are buying!

5 thoughts on “A third smoke stack to be added to Zouk’s powerplant?

  1. Jenjen

    And cancer is on the rise!

    One of the most recent stats showed that cancer in Lebanon has risen from 3,000 cases to 8,000 a year-over the past 20 years!

    Zouk plants are not polluting the zouk area only, they are polluting the country as a whole and adding a third smoke stack means more health hazards on Lebanese citizens.

    The food we eat is polluted, the water we drink is polluted and the air we breath is polluted, no wonder why cancer levels are on the rise!

  2. Eliedh

    I am only guessing here but if you look at the 2 existing smoke stacks you’ll notice the first one has 3 chimneys in it while the second one has only one. So they might be able to add 2 more units without adding chimneys. Pollution will still increase I know but we won’t have another eyesore.

  3. Ronman

    Well i live pretty close to these 2 stack, and as i mentioned once before i hate them as much as i’m used to them.

    They do spit out tremendous polution, We at home suffer from it everyday almost, but what’s worse and people don’t realize is the highway.

    whenever there is a hint of holiday, and in the summer, the coastal highway in naher el kaleb is a parking lot where no one switches off their engines, the creeping traffic snakes all the way up towards th mountains and to jounieh. combined these cars spit out in one day more than the zouk plant spits out in a week.

    I’m not defending the plant, not in a million years, but they are not as bad. another thing, the prevailing winds throughout the year usually dissipate most of what comes out of the smoke stacks so the vicinity is not as affected as logic would predict.

    but i never ever heard they will build a third power prodution unit. the stacks work for multiple units, there are a few that are not operational so instead of installign a new one they can fix what we have.

    but the theory is that the new units, if ever they are going to materialize will run on Gas, not Fuel oil, so they will be more efficient and a million times cleaner…that’s the theory…

    another theory: when the plant was first sold to the people of the area, they were told that they will benefit from 24 hour electricity… LOL I’ve never seen 24h electricity uninterrupted neither have my grand parents…

    By the way Jamhouria NP needs another 20 years before it even gets close to credible…

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