Abducted Syrians freed by the Lebanese army

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VDL (100.5): Interior Minister Marwan Charbel confirmed that the army freed the four kidnapped Syrians and arrested Hassan al-Meqdad who is the head of the clan’s military wing.

The abducted Turkish national Tufan Tekin was wounded in the raid apparently, while security sources are saying he was transferred to Bekaa.

Some good news for a change. It looks like the Mokdads are not going to get away with it after all. Let’s just hope things won’t go out of control after the Pope’s visit.

2 thoughts on “Abducted Syrians freed by the Lebanese army

  1. Gianni

    Don’t celebrate it as an accomplishment for your fierce “army”. HA was embarrassed with their stunt (sanctioned by them); so they allowed this “raid”. You will see them released in a few days much like the Nouri family in Tripoli and the arsonist of NTV.


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