Accident on Nahr Ibrahim highway

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Whenever one reads about car accidents and casualties, one cannot but feel bad and sorry for the victims and their families. However, i am starting to have mixed feelings lately specially when i read accidents like the one below.

An accident occurred this morning on the Nahr Ibrahim highway when a speeding car hit two young men who were supposedly arguing in the middle of the highway!!! Rabih Hassan Abbas, 29 years old and Fadi Ali Atallah, 40 years old, were arguing in the middle of the highway when they were hit by a speeding car, killing Rabih instantly and injuring seriously Fadi. [Source]

Are there no more places to fight except the middle of the highway?

2 thoughts on “Accident on Nahr Ibrahim highway

  1. A Voice from NY

    all parties involved are responsible . . . the 2 who were arguing in the middle of road should have known better, but at the same time, the driver of the vehicle should NOT have been speeding. If he/she had been driving at a “responsible” rate of speed then there’s a chance the driver could have had time to react and avoid hitting them.


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