Achrafieh 2020: A dream in action

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We can only hope this project will become a reality!

The first step of the Achrafieh 2020 initiative will be on September 2, 2012 which will be declared a yearly car free day in Achrafieh.

ACHRAFIEH 2020 is an apolitical long-term (8 years) environmental driven initiative by MP Nadim Gemayel, it aims at satisfying Achrafieh residents dreaming of a neighborhood where adults, youth and children can easily and safely walk on wider and cleaner sidewalks, bike on dedicated bicycle alleys, hop on a tramway as a means of commuting; where waste is managed optimally, where parking is well organized and structured and where traffic is highly regulated and law enforced.

Initiatives of this kind were courageously taken in many cities in the world, such as Seville, Rio, Milano and most of North European cities.

A change of behavior campaigning will energize this 8 years initiative.

Achrafieh’s initiative is not to be seen as an isolationist one. Its ambition is to be recognized as a pioneer action which will hopefully propagate to the entirety of Beirut and other Lebanese cities. [Link]

You can download the map, with activities and useful information to carry with you on September 2, in Achrafieh [Here]

8 thoughts on “Achrafieh 2020: A dream in action

  1. Razor

    2013 elections are closer than I thought … Complete BS. If Achrafieh 2020 is an individual unpolitical initiative, then, how electing Nadim Gemayel will do it any favor. I know MPs have a legislative role and not a municipal one. Where is his law draft to improve Achrafieh?

    This campaign is called: Rbott el hmar mahal bado sahhbo. He knows that Achrafieh electors are “intellectuals” and a project based campaign will make them jerk off, however, I don’t see this project as a legislative-level campaign, it can barely be a municipal one.

  2. Razor

    Before acting like a smartass, they should find a solution for those high-rise buildings, there should be a law imposing a environmental-impact tax. those high buildings are causing more traffic, more polution, less sunlight, higher temperature (more ppl and cars on the streets) and require more effort from the state to build green areas and make wider side-roads etc… A good MP would suggest such law, this way, whoever is destroying the environment and the well-being in a neighborhood will have to pay in order to repair the damages caused by his greed.

    1. Peter

      That was a ridiculous comment considering he completely detached himself from the project, which is now being led by regular citizens. Anyways, they have metionned that the project will include an urbanism plan and a stop to building

      1. Razor

        a stop building???? are you joking? the Executive committee is formed by at least 60% of real estate developers and promoters. Do you really think before you write?

  3. Joe

    I’ve seen the “walk your dog” sign on the poster of the event… do you think the Achrafiotes will pick up their dogs’ shit from the sidewalks ??
    That will be called a brown initiative

    1. Razor

      Dog poops has become a serious problem in Achrafieh, plus, dogs are walked not by the (dirty w bala akhla2) owners but by their home helper (in Lebanese racial language “a maid”). I wish someone can go to the owners’ home and shit in their living room.


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