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This was pointed out by one of the blog’s readers. Alfa Waffer new plan includes a prepaid emergency card that costs 4$ and gets you 10 minutes only.

4$ = 6000 LL for 10 minutes means each minute costs 600 LL!

So Alfa is basically telling us we are allowed to rip you off if you need an emergency card?

If you want to know more about Alfa offers, check [Here].

Thank you Wael

8 thoughts on “Alfa Waffer ??

  1. Joseph

    Oh but it’s not for an emergency.

    You see, MTC touch has the same thing, called SOS card.
    The thing is, if you run out of credits during the month, you can no longer buy another recharge card as MTC will not allow you to recharge your phone until the 30 days are over.

    If only they had mentioned this anywhere on their website, I would have reconsidered changing my service type.

    In short, the only way to recharge your phone in case you run out of credits is this ’emergency’ card.

    I’m not sure about Alfa, but it’s usually the same concept.

  2. Mark

    Are you serious about not being able to recharge your phone until 30 days pass? that doesn’t sound right, why would a telecom operator not want to make money out of its subscribers?

  3. James

    Not to mention that a fraction of a minute costs as much as a whole minute. Still, poor Alfa & MTC don’t earn enough money to provide better services. The GPRS is terrible by night, always disconnecting. Wondering how bad the coming 3G will become after a while.
    BTW, Lebanon is the worst around the world in the Internet speed: (Arabic)

  4. Joseph

    Yeah, it’s true. I just recharged a few days ago.

    When I went to buy a card, the reseller told me I should take an SOS card since I asked for a ‘Smart’ MTC card. But once he learned that I only had one day to recharge, he said it was rechargable.

    I only had a few cents left in my card, and as I tried to recharge, it didn’t allow me to, telling me to recharge it on the 26th.

    The ironic thing is that the damn operator keeps telling you that you need to recharge, when in reality you can’t unless you buy an SOS card of course.

  5. tommy

    guys, dunno what you guys are on about with mtc not allowing you to refill… if my credit’s empty i just pump in another refill card, i lose the days but i get my damn phone calls.
    (come to think of it, i don’t think i even lose the days cos my chip expires in july 2012 as it stands now)

    (note that i usually recharge for 10 days-ish at a time but still, even with bigger cards i’ve never had issues cos i use the credit faster than the time)

    it wouldn’t make sense to them from a business point of view to even do this, as my choices are this crappy SOS card (which if i had to use it i wouldn’t do more than once) or refilling a FULL recharge (maybe losing my days?) earlier each time… i.e: i’d fill for 1 1/2 month’s worth in one month or so…

  6. tommy

    whop, my bad, i’m just talking about standard prepaid i guess i didn’t hear about these stupid new ones.

  7. Hisham Assaad

    @Joseph Alfa stated that in their website, but as all businesses do, it is hidden inside tabs where you have to look for it to know it. I read the whole thing before considering the new Recharge plans (for both Alfa & MTC) cool.
    These are more limiting than the previous one. The only cool thing about them is that you get different price rates for different times of the day (which is cheaper than the regular lines)

    @tommy once you reach a certain number of days, your card cannot take anymore days. that’s why when recharging, no days added. try dealing with someone who doesnt need dollars, pay half the card, let him recharge it and take the dollars to yourself! win-win situation 🙂

    i will never convert to these WAFFER cards unless a change in the rules of the game is made.
    But im considering converting to alfa postpaid, what do you think?


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