American Eagle Outfitters opening in Kaslik

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We received an email from one of our readers back in July saying that he spotted a billboard in Kaslik revealing the opening of an American Eagle Outfitters store.

Well the banner is up there now and it looks like they are opening soon.

For those who don’t know about American Eagle Outfitters, it’s a leading American clothing line which offers casual clothes to men and women from age 15-25 and is well known in the states for its originality, good quality and affordable prices.

Even though such news don’t really interest me as I don’t shop much, it’s good to have new clothing stores and more importantly to see Kaslik attracting more and more stores and getting back to life.

Thank you Joe

21 thoughts on “American Eagle Outfitters opening in Kaslik

  1. Kaak

    “American Eagle …. is well known in the states for its originality, good quality and affordable prices.”
    Originality? No, they’ve been sued by Abercrombie & Fitch several times for copying their style (

    Good Quality? No, not at all… the material their clothes are made from is so cheap.

    Affordable Prices? Well I have to give you that!

  2. Craig

    Well i’ve been bying clothes there for a long time now and never had any quality problems. As fo Abercrombie it’s way overpriced and the clothes aren’t that “original”. I’d rather get a nice top from American Eagle for a good price than buy it from A&F…

  3. Patrick

    I own a few pairs of pants and jeans from American Eagle, the material isn’t cheap and it’s pretty comfortable. I think AE will fit in well in Kaslik.

  4. Patrick

    Also Kaak, that lawsuit was from 1999 and it even says in the Wiki article:

    “Nevertheless, American Eagle clothing designs have since trended away in appearance from Abercrombie & Fitch designs. The merchandise offered by American Eagle is considered to be “retro/vintage” cost-efficient clothing, whereas Abercrombie & Fitch merchandise has become an internationally-known “near-luxury” line of clothing with “preppy”, high-grade & high-priced fashions, on the same level with that of companies such as the Polo Ralph Lauren company.”

  5. Mark

    A&F is better than American Eagle. The clothes are a lot more stylish, they fit really well if you’re built and overall it’s a much trendy brand with better quality material. I’ve been to American Eagle a number of times and never bought anything since I didn’t like anything they had. A&F on the other hand… tons of great stuff.

  6. dre

    ‘News’ is treated as plural and so you should have written
    “such news DOESN’T really interest me..” not ‘such news don’t really”.

  7. marta

    im so exciting abt it because i always went Los angeles brought american eagle’s clothes for women and me. it is my favorite. cant wait when it open. 🙁

  8. Hadeel Nahlous

    Najib-Chahe or Mark please can anyone post something related to jeita in order to vote?
    It worse the try
    thank u 🙂

  9. Sarah

    American eagle is much better than A&F….since everytime I bought I shirt from A&F it had a whole in it….I’m really happy tht American eagle is now in leb….I’ll be visiting very soon 😀

  10. Mark

    The American Eagle fans here must work for the brand because this is the only place I have seen online where someone says American Eagle quality is better. They’re not even in the same league as A&F, A&F is more upper brand while American Eagle is lower. GAP for example is American Eagles competition or Hollister for example but not A&F.

  11. Shirley Ge.

    Heeeeeey! so exciiited to have AE in Lebanon man. I love the quality. I used to shop all the time back in Tennessee. Love it Love it Love it.

    AE is supposed to be Superstar here am i right?..

    As for A&F (Gorgeous designs- cuts- Although some skirts r sometimes too short welcoming automatic sexual harrasement – if ya know what i mean ..I like it tooo!- ). What I love about AE especially – is the customer service
    – the top notch quality (sustainable fabric , jeans , unique fashion lines)
    – You need to try their clothes to really know what I mean (the fabric is skin friendly and smooth)

    Peace ya’ll!

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  13. Lili

    I just want to know if AE is as affordable as outside or are the prices doubled or tripled like any other international store that opens in Lebanon!?

  14. Shirley Ge.

    hey Dre maybe the writer (Joe i assume) is from the hood- which in this case: is right to say “Such News don’t really interest me.”

    I haven’t gone to American Eagle in Lebanon yet. I should visit the local store very soon.


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