An Anti-Pope demonstration planned in Lebanon?

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I’ve heard of Anti-Pope protests due to the Vatican’s views on homosexuality, abortion, contraception or even Pope Benedict XVI’s comments on Islam, but organizing a protest due to some report on corruption and immorality in the Vatican seems to me a bit silly. What exactly are these people trying to prove? That out of all the people who visit Lebanon, the Pope is the last thing we need here? Really?

I am against banning the protest or threatening its organizers but I think there are far more important issues to protest against than corruption in the Vatican.

Pope benedict XVI will be visiting Lebanon on September 14th, and we intend to voice our frustration with his political deceit and lack of rectitude to the man himself (Peacefully). Join us if you are fed up with the Vatican’s corruption and immorality. Show the world that the Likes of Pope Benedict are the last thing we need in Lebanon, or anywhere for that matter. Please share the event and invite your friends. [Event]

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10 thoughts on “An Anti-Pope demonstration planned in Lebanon?

  1. Fadi

    I do not agree with the popes views on social matters and realize that the Catholic church has many skeletons in its closet… but the visit symbolizes a hope and recognition for the Christians of Lebanon that the Europe and the west has not forgotten about them yet…
    Without Christianity or a a true secular state such as Turkey.. Lebanon is doomed to become like every other Middle eastern country in terms of Government and freedoms.


      shouhoud Yahwah mesh dedd enno yiji el baba 3a lebnen, bass shouhoud Yahwah ma3 enno nehtamm bi roujou3 el MASIH 3ala kel el ard, 7asab Injil Matta 24 🙂

  2. Taline

    Corruption in the Vatican? I think we have more serious corruption problems in Lebanon. how about focusing on that instead instead of judging other countries first

  3. Desmond Bey

    Why not protest since the CEO himself is coming? Just because Lebanon has other problems doesn’t mean that we can’t have a good old protest.
    Is everyone getting upset because it’s the Pope? Should he be exempt from being protested against despite all the nasty incidents that the Catholic church has been involved in?

  4. fadibou

    if someone is doing a better job than him, they might have the right to protest, but there are very rare few who can claim that, and he’s not like going to Jabal Mohsen or Dahyeh so why are they bothered by the trip??!!!


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