Assurance "touriste"!

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A weeks ago, i took a cab from Achrafieh to Hamra and for some reason the driver decided to go into one of the inner roads thinking it’s a good shortcut. Anyway, he was recklessly speeding in one of Achrafieh’s tight roads when a car coming out of an underground parking surprises him and he managed somehow to stop the car before hitting her.

Both drivers were mistaken as he was speeding carelessly and the woman driver did not bother check her right before going out, but the discussion that occured next between the driver and the woman made me wanna go down and give the woman a good slap.

Driver: Chou beke ya 3amme tal3a mitil 2ejrik??

Woman: Bassita, Bassita …

Driver: Eh Bassita, ma inta assurance “touriste” (he meant tout risque lol) chou fer2a ma3ik? ana bit3attal wou inte ekhir hammik.

Woman: Khallas, Mouhem ma 7ada sarlo chi.

Woman: Aslan bta3rif, khallik we2if, tali3 3a bele chouf 3ala 2adde zamatna, badde farjiya la as7abe.

(Then the driver just drove away).

5 thoughts on “Assurance "touriste"!

  1. LebExile

    just out of curiosity – what does it mean when he says “tal3a mitil 2ejrik”.
    Is this a common phrase, is there a similar phrase in English for it?

  2. LebExile

    Thank you Omar, I figured that much out, but the wording was a little odd. I’m from bsharri, and to top it off, have lived overseas for the last 30 odd years, so my arabic is a little rusty, and even when I do go to Leb, the Bshraniyeh hardly understand me – in Beirut I’m better off speaking english!

  3. Gianni

    I just got this tidbit to share with you. 😀

    There are 3 kinds of men in world:

    1.Some remain single & see Wonders happen,

    2.Some have girlfriends & make Wonders happen,

    3. The rest get married & Wonder what happened !!

  4. Ronman

    Ha! this is priceless hilarity… between the assurance touriste and showing the near miss to my girlfriend! hehehehe


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