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That’s not a shop’s window but the AUB Lost & Found office. They keep things for years there and as a result the collection is growing bigger and bigger.

I can’t believe that many students lose their stuff and don’t go looking for them. Maybe the AUB administration should consider giving some stuff away to homeless people or use them for an auction and donate the money to charity?

5 thoughts on “AUB Lost & Found

  1. Robin

    Already did. A couple of weeks ago they set a stand that sold all lost and found items, and the money was donated to the Red Cross.

  2. Ronman

    I always wondered how people can loose these things and not bother to ask the Lost and Found office.

    saw a couple of ipods, iphones, a bunch of keys, and some pretty pricey jewelery a couple of month ago as well as other stuff…are people so jaded that they don’t even bother asking? or is it 3ayb when you have that much to spare? i don’t get it


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