Automatic Parking Cashier at Beirut Souks

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I spotted this automated parking cashier at the Beirut Souks’ parking the other day. It is very easy to use and lets you insert 1000 LL, 5000 LL and 10000 LL, as well as coins which is very convenient.

Maybe the park meter people should think about doing the same instead of forcing us to go from one shop to the other looking for coins.

6 thoughts on “Automatic Parking Cashier at Beirut Souks

  1. A

    for some reason i don’t like the cash option in the park meter..
    every time i decide to use them, they “eat” my money.. i can live with them eating a 500LL or 250LL, but if it eats my 10.000LL i’m gonna break it 😛

  2. Gilly

    I risked it once and put in a 20,000 LL, it took it, even though it’s not stated on the machine! It spat out a whole lot of fresh new 1,000 bills in change, I felt like throwing them around like a happy rich person…

    I’m really liking the progress of these automated parking lots.

  3. Majd

    i believe its a marketing issue 🙂 they want you to visit all the neighboring shops and know what they are selling and maybe maybe buy something just to get some coins of 500LL
    Always look at the big picture 😛


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