Bad Knefe

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I was told yesterday that twenty people got food poisoned after eating Knefe at Sea Sweet in Adonis last week.

Has anyone else heard this story?

Because Sea Sweet is up and running and it doesn’t look like any incident occurred in the past few days.

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  1. rob

    i know a family of 5 got poisoned eating “znoud el sett” from sea sweet they called ministry of economy they said they got 140 poisoning cases from sea sweet
    what the hell are they waiting for ? 140,000 cases to shut it down ?

  2. BouCha2ra

    I tweeted about it last week, my friend’s nephew had the same issue, he’s been in hospital for 3 days, he got ‘Salmonella’ (from the eggs they say) and they will try to sue them or smthg

  3. choura2yak

    I have never trusted See Sweet food quality! but i think that the owner has good connections with the authorities which avoids him to be questioned about the Quality of Sweets he is selling! The only way that would let us really hurt such Companies … is to Boycott and to use the social Medias and social network to hurt them Big time ! Authorities won’t be able to control social media unless the stop the internet in the whole country 🙂

  4. rob

    yes boycotting is a very effective way by spreading the word
    i advised my family and friends not to eat from sea sweet
    the restaurants which are ISO certified like zwz are clean (which are rare) and cannot be messed with

  5. choura2yak

    We have to create a community that can put pressure on companies and service providers to improve their levels and quality of service. We are not in a status that permits us to rely on the official authorities cause no one is doing his job properly. So choura2yakon to start this campaign with the collaboration of BlogBaladi and and all other blogs and websites who agrees with us in order to create this awareness that will boost our private sector quality of service!
    What do you think about the idea?

    1. Food Poisoning Victims of Lebanon

      @choura2yak, kindly check our facebook page Food Poisoning Victims of Lebanon as this is our main target: inform public about food poisoning cases taking place in Lebanon and expose bad establishments, we are willing to cooperate with you.

  6. Kaak


    I’m with you on that one. I always wanted to have some kind of a website that shows scandals happening in Lebanon (i’m not talking about sex scandals). It’s a site dedicating to show videos/photos of ‘above the law’ acts.

    1. Food Poisoning Victims of Lebanon

      @mickel-ange: it is true that salmonella dies under heat, but it requires enough heat which may not have been reached during the process of manufacturing. also, how about cross-contamination? meaning when the cooked or ready to eat food get re-contaminated with raw contaminated food?cross-contamination being behind so many cases of food poisoning world wide and is mainly due to bad practices inside food production areas. also do not neglect bad personal hygiene of food handlers, so it can easily be salmonella.

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