Badna nrou2 Mr.Sehnaoui!

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It is true that internet prices are going to drop in a month time and we will finally have decent speeds, and that we might finally have the long-awaited 3G technology in 2012, but that doesn’t mean “Lebanon is gonna become one of the most advanced countries in the field of Information Technology and Multimedia Creativity.” [DailyStar]

We appreciate all the efforts done by the Ministry of Telecommunications, but let’s stay on earth for a second.

The average Mbps for the top 15 countries in the world is about 6 mbytes while the peak Mbps rates range between 20-25 Mbytes for the leading ten countries. [Stats]

We are still far far away from achieving such rates and our newly announced Internet monthly caps are a joke, so let’s rejoice for now by not being the slowest internet in the world anymore.

PS: There’s no need to bookmark those quotes Mustapha, as if this were ever to happen, we won’t be alive to witness it.

22 thoughts on “Badna nrou2 Mr.Sehnaoui!

  1. Choura2yak

    What i’m afraid of , is that all this festivity regarding the internet will fade, since we have to see the quality of the service provided by OGERO and the other private corporations. Guys they might say that the speed is 1Mb/ sec while effectively it might not be the truth! we have to see the consistency of the connection! till now in some region, DSL is not consistent!
    On the other hand regarding 3G services which will be launched in 2012, did anyone got any information regarding the Price ? or the limit or even the coverage of 3G ? and if you need to get 3G for your phone and for your laptop, is it going to be under one account, or 2 ? all these details should be clarified … because they can say we started 3G service in lebanon but for 100 USD / Month and 2 GB quota … WOOOOW choura2yak in such an offer ??

  2. User

    Political blindness? That’s an interesting idea taking into consideration I’ve been living abroad for the past 20 years and have no idea whatsoever about the ins-outs of our corrupted political system.

    As for Najib, a true citizen doesn’t criticize plans of reforms before they are put into action. Why don’t you be different than 99% of the Lebanese people and try, for once, to be optimistic and provide support to young ministers with encouraging new approaches (regardless of their political stance). That my friend is the reality.

  3. Najib Post author

    Again Mr,
    If you had read closely what I said, I thanked the minister for his efforts but asked him to stay on the ground and on Earth, because becoming one of the most advanced countries in terms of IT is far far far from reality and that’s not being pessimistic, that’s being realistic and rational.

    I don’t care about their political backgrounds nor who they follow, but if they want to change things, they need a plan and trust me on that, there’s no freakin’ written plan on how to switch to the new connections and there will be chaos in October.

    90% of those who own modems wont be able to use them anymore because they dont hold up to 1 Mbps connections and Wise and MOBI have no clue what to do with their modems yet. You need nowadays 3 to 5 weeks to have your DSL connection up and running, imagine what will happen when you get more demand in October etc etc etc ..

    All what I am saying is that lets not aim that high before actually and practically implementing those reforms we all want. Mfakkar 7alo ra7 yotla3 3al 2amar bi 6 mbps connections.

    Hoping to hear constructive answers from you from now on, instead of the “you re an idiot” response I originally got.

  4. Arz

    Najib, well said…

    even the price reduction is not his accomplishment nor to his political party!

    on a technical side, does our infrastructure support the upgrades and improvements?

    what about the constant breaking of the law 431 by the current and previous minister?

  5. A

    being the “optimistic” person i am, when mobi announced a while back that 6 months + 2 free promotion, i bought it, thinking i saved 100$.. now? nba3asna 😛
    also if u look at mobi’s facebook page, they do a great job of answering ppls questions, and they do an even greater job of avoiding answers concerning the near future. u donno if their hardware supports 1Mbps or higher.
    Also a big point everyone is missing is “UP TO”!!! it’s not dedicated!!!
    besides, just to reply @Mr.User, 1Mbps (at least) is now a human right in Europe, so i don’t see how “upgrading” to “up to” 1Mbps will make us skyrocket

  6. Joe


    Once someone posts profanities on your blog, you’d better delete it immediately rather than engage in it yourself.

    This is not what the readers like to read, don’t you agree?

    You’re going to reply saying that he got it coming, etc.. etc.. but this is not what your readers come here to see.


  7. Choura2yak

    Dear Mr. User,
    Even if you live abroad for 50 years not just 20, and you can suffer from the political blindness disease, Unfortunately you might be living in a developed country where you can access easily the Lebanese political websites and get affected. Anyway this is not what i want to say in this comment, but i want to raise one single issue, i applied for a land line since ONE YEAR (ie: August 2010) and till now i got nothing because the ministry has no budget to buy a new Phone box for our building while all boxes in the region are fully loaded!
    so a ministry who can’t find a budget to provide my building land Lines (IN BEIRUT) do you think that have the capability to reach the moon with the internet speed ?

    I fully agree with the comment of NAJIB and i Insist that MR. IDIOT needs a Treatment as soon as possible.

    Choura2yak ?

  8. Michele

    This is actually what i admire about u and Mustapha from Beirut spring; u take well criticism and allow other people’s opinion unlike Mark who deletes any comment that doesn’t praise him.
    Anyway, i also agree that any unnecessary insult needs to be monitored but do not delete the whole comment; it’s actually quite amusing to see such idiots like Mr. Idiot posting on the blog.

  9. Najib the Idiot


    Dear Najib & choura2yak,

    You guys are the perfect example of the delusional Lebanese citizen. Your negative attitude towards everything and your continuous nagging and skepticism is exactly the disease our youth are suffering from in my beloved country.

    Feel free to yap all day long in this blog, however at the end of the day the only reason Lebanon is lagging behind is due to “educated” people as yourselves who do marvelous work talking but do nothing tangible. I’m boarding now and going back home and until then I hope you guys grow some sense, if not then I sure pity you.

  10. Mustapha

    What I find fascinating is that the topic that brought this level of low discourse and high emotions was not war, corruption or crime, but internet speed.

    Tells a lot about our blog audiences don’t you think?

  11. Pops

    Badna nrou2 ya ma3ali el wazirt, Mfakkar 7alak ra7 titla3 3al 2amar bi 6 mbps connections.
    Wa2if shighil wou 23od wou nhob wizartak 2a7ssan , la chou el 3G, la chou el fiber optic, la chou ……

    Ya ma3aleh el wazir, lezim y dallo 2ijrek 3al 2arid, la2 bil 2a7ra lezim sha3bi el libnen ydallo deyman ta7ti el 2arid, la2ino sha3b el libnen 3emil 7alo 2aflaton wou bi 7ib yni2 wou ytfalassaf, wou mfakar 7alo 2azka cha3ib bil 3alam

    “kib el libnen bi 2aya balad byijeh we2if”, ” el libneneh 7arbou2 bi dabir 7allo”

    sha3b el libnen 7arameh wou fessid wou baddo Tighyir wou 2issla7

  12. jeff


    You have a great following. I have been following/reading your and najib’s blog for a while now. You always will find some people who either do not know how to express themselves in a proper way or articulate their opinions ‘sans” emotion.

    As for those who do not want Lebanese RESIDENTS (not those who are returning “home”) not to “nag”…that makes me laugh. They have the right to Demand their rights in their adopted countries and yet expect the Lebanese taxpayer to shut the hell up because of a news conference by a politician who usually just posture anyways.

    I do believe that it is high time that people like Najib rise up and grab the torch to move that stagnant country ahead. Mustapha that includes you off course…If they let you run for office that is as you were borne outside of the “paradise” lol…

  13. Najib Post author

    It’s not just a reflection of the blog audience, but of the Lebanese society in general. Thank God we have the internet now cause such a talk could have resulted in casualties in a cafe.

  14. Najib Post author

    Rise up and grap the torch ya Jeff?

    Unless I have money and by money I mean tens or hundreds of millions of dollars, I will be crushed by the ruling political parties in less than 24 hours, and maybe eliminated if I pose any threat or just for the fun of it.

  15. JoeD

    @Mr. User

    I dont think we should sit and praise the minister for the smallest achievements. after all that is their duty to improve the country.

    as for the negativity issue, if everyone is just praising the work that was done, noone will be left to highlight the problems !

  16. ed

    this is nothing compared to the 3G test video call they made in Lebanon i dont remember when.. “ana sem3ak ma3aleh l wazir enta seme3aneh???”… and everyone applauded “ma3aleh l wazir” (i dont think it was this wazir though) but the scene was really hilarious!! it was like looking at some ancient lost australian tribe being presented the television for the first time!!
    but anyway,I think we should give him a chance for “ma3ali” eventhough he just signed!! but at least there will be some improvement no??

  17. Joe


    The term “idiot” is still being thrown around as if it is a casual wording of the English language.. it is a childish insult and this respected blog does not need negativity.


  18. Najib Post author

    Well Joe,
    If the guy choses to call himself Mr.Idiot, should I ban him from commenting?

    Anyway I changed the username and no more “idiots” around 🙂

  19. Wael

    I don’t hope a lot from ministers who spend all their time in organizing press conferences…. It just means one thing: di3ayeh 2enti5abiyyeh!


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