6 thoughts on “Bank Audi Loubnani Card

  1. Danielle

    Although I can’t understand a word that is being said, the footage is beautiful..it is so refreshing to see an emotional/historical ad coming from a bank..BRAVO..I love it.

  2. Najib Post author

    Am gonna translate it for you.

    Old man: This is your mother, see how beautiful she was. And that’s a picture of you.

    Young man: What is that i am wearing?

    Old man: That was the fashion

    Young man: What else you got? what is that?

    Old man: This is one lira. I kept it from my first ever pay. 300 liras.

    Young man: 300 liras?

    Old man: Yes! we use to tour the whole country with 3 liras using the tramway. we used to pay 3 liras to stand and 5 liras if we wish to be seated. I remember when i turned 19, i bought a car and used to pay 150 liras a month. I used to take your uncle Najib to the beach to water ski and hit on the girls. When my salary became 500 liras, i took your mum to the teleferique and asked her to marry me.

    We went then to celebrate at the Casino du Liban. Those were some good old days!
    We used to go out, party and dance.

    Young man: Dance?

    Old man: Yup! I used to dance until the next day then head to work. See this liras? I kept it because i am sure one day the lira will be worth something.

    “Use Loubnani card by Bank Audi and let the lira speak up again”


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