5 thoughts on “Beating is shameful

  1. Wael

    It is a nice campaign. It wants to deliver the message that beating women is not ‘zbeeb’ as what is written on the torn paper, it is a shameful act. I still don’t understand from where people got the stupid saying ‘darb el 7abeeb zbeeb’ in the first place.

  2. Mariam

    “Darb el-habeeb zbeeb,” in my lifetime has been used when my mom wanted to beat us as kids 😛 or when I’m annoyed at my sister and jokingly punch her. But I’ve never taken it to mean beating your wife. Also, that video, its funny how that line he’s discussing is interpreted in a million ways. His argument kills me!

  3. Dory

    its not like only in Lebanon they beat women, everywhere there is some kind of violence just in Lebanon it is legal!! this is the sad part …


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