2 thoughts on “Beautiful Sunset in Lebanon

  1. Ronman

    These two shticks have been in my face since i was born, they are in countless photos, and when I’m coming from a trip i can spot my house from an airplane with their aid…i have a love hate relationship with them, i am accustomed to them, but would not have one ounce of regret or remorse if they were ever to disappear, along with their black smoke, particulates of which will reside in my lungs till the day i croak, possibly because of them…

    Another thing that makes me regret this whole country is intrinsically connected with these two smoke stacks, when the power station was being built, the community in the area was assured that in return to the obscene looks and dust that will arise, the area will forever be powered 24-7… that never happened even in the good old days before the war… Riz’alllllaaaaaaaa..NOT!


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