11 thoughts on “Beirut’s beauty parlor for young girls

  1. nadine

    it’a such a shame…makes you wonder what’s coming up next in this country….
    please let the kids have a NORMAL and INNOCENT childhood…they have all their lives to grow up and do adult’s stuff…..

  2. ed

    just one thing, why is it always the “country” that we talk abt? it’s someone who opened this for a stupid group of people.. it has nthg to do with lebanon in general..

  3. EL

    exactly i agree with ed! just to let u know that this beauty parlor for kids started a long time ago in the US and other countries!what does the country have to do with this? stop criticizing your country! it’s not better abroad trust me

  4. annie

    Hehehe aren’t those the same kids who get bitchy when they grow up ,fake barbies loool,some mom gave her child a botox treatment in US ,it’s crazy

  5. Qwerty

    Just som1 who got bored and opened a shop where rich ppl can spend their money…
    u should see what treatment they have these girls:wash their hair,clean their nails and here you go 😛
    mashi mhem,de7ek w ser2a !!
    saw that doc on arte

  6. Leila

    Oh come on stop taking things so seriously… the other day I took my kids for a walk and beside my house was a spa for kids.. so I thought why not let’s give it a try.. my girls loved the place, they are two yrs old btw, and they got a nice hair cut without crying 🙂 and it was cheap…


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