Beit Beirut Renovation Finally Underway

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Present Beit Beirut: Picture from ThisIsBeirut

Two years after having initiated the project, the municipalities of Beirut and Paris co-launched Tuesday evening the commencement of restoration work on Beit Beirut. The house was a strategic spot for snipers during the 1975-1990 civil war.

The restoration project, overseen by architect Youssef Haidar, will preserve the original character of the building while incorporating a contemporary architectural structure behind it. This new structure will house a museum; a cultural and artistic meeting place; an archive of research and studies on Beirut; an urban planning office for the city of Beirut; and an underground car park. [Link]

Future Beit Beirut

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    I walk by this building every single morning on my way to work. I really hope that this time, it is official and serious. The renovation was expected to be launched 2 years ago, and now they postponed it to a new date. I’ll keep you updated on the progress if any 😀


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