Best burger places in Lebanon?

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I’m coming down to Lebanon for like 10 days in August and want to try a bunch of burgers so I could review for the blog. Could you guys tell me what the most popular places are or the burgers I need to try?

Note: I shot the burger above at Cocoa Room in Kuwait

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  1. Alex

    I personally liked the most, till, now the burgers at Burger Nation in Hamra.

    Classic burger is decent but the quality of the meat is lower.

  2. Joe

    Personally the best two burger places are:
    1- Classic Burger Joint in Sodeco
    2- Lets Burger in Ashrafieh

    and now am waiting for Fuddruckers to open in Dbayeh

  3. Fares

    Burger nation is the best. Try the BBQ burger with Belgian fries and take the 8oz. If you like their Facebook page, you will get a 5% discount.

    Classic burger comes second. Classic cheese is the best.

  4. Alex

    Let’s Burger is cool too with a lot of burger choices but I haven’t set foot there since their reduced the size of their restaurant by half.

  5. H.

    You should try the burger in Lamb House in manara, its not the same as the other burgers. Its a typical lebanese burger.

  6. annie

    Isn’t this burger thing getting boring but I gotta say the best burger is @ Ferdinand Hamra,but try sushi for a while

  7. Deek Duke

    Dear Mark,

    We strongly suggest trying the Duke burger (beef), in our Deek Duke branches. We promise you that you won’t find anything like it out there 🙂

    Enjoy your stay, and we hope to see you soon

    Hady C
    Deek Duke Team

  8. Rami

    I second Patrick’s choice, the honey mustard chicken burger is great @ CBJ, and MAKE SURE to try the big bad wolf burger at Smokey O’s (Sassine Square).

  9. A

    just to note that i found that Classic Burger Joint in downtown (near right next to Annahar bldg) is better than the one at Sodeco..
    stuff tasted fresher

  10. Mark

    you guys have like just 4 burger joints in Lebanon how could there even be too many reviews. We have like over 30 burger joints in Kuwait and I’ve reviewed a total of 24 so far.

  11. Rabih A.

    How come no one mentioned Chilli’s BBQ Ranch burger?
    The Chicken Mustard Burger at Classic burger Joint is good too.

    And of course any burger from Roadtser (my favorite is the Mighty Chicken)

  12. Mark

    lol when you going down to Leb? I’m going to be there from the 14th. Someone needs to get me In-N-Out since I haven’t tried that yet! lol

  13. Annie Avakian

    Mark I’ll be there August 7- September 10
    You should ask Tamar to get you in-and-out, they’ll be there August 12th 🙂

  14. TD

    – classic burger joint has good overall burger but the patty is a bit thin. All burgers are good so try Mexican if u like spicy, mushroom and Swiss if u like that or the classic cheese which is classic but good (and u donate to the red cross by eating there)
    – burger co have only 1 burger no variety and sauces. but very good patty. It’s expensive fo a burger but worth a try.
    – cow and apple have a nice combination of sauces and good meat. They hav butcher shop inside and make their own buns. Try the #5 with BBQ sauce for a good meaty flavor.
    – burger nation, I tried it once and it was not bad but not the best.
    – if you haven’t tried the older places you can always go to roadster, Crepaway, let’s burger, and deek duke.

    Oh and for a real beiruti classic you have to try lamb house burger as H. Mentioned 🙂


  15. zaid

    there’s this new place called cow and apple in hamra across the street from brisk. its a bit hard to see from the mainstreet but their buns are pretty good! their burger in general is good too!

  16. Joey

    Brgr co. Is by far the best burger joint in Lebanon, some say it’s pricy, but actually it’s not! Over and above it’s authentic, you feel it’s the real thing!!

  17. zaydoun

    The outsider and part-time resident’s take:

    1. Burger Nation is good and reliable
    2. Classic Burger Joint is OK for a hunger fix
    3. BRGR Co. is really good
    4. I gave Cow & Apple 2 tries and didn’t like it (plus the place is dull)
    5. Surprisingly, “People” at Aishti has a very good (expensive) burger

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  19. Najeeb

    Roadster is the best … try cheese at heart .. i am sure you will like it … it is amazing …. Sorry delicious 😀


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