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Lebanon-based Birdy Nam Nam launches a new version of their iPhone app game today, an answer to the extremely popular “Angry Birds”– in Arabic. While you may remember the clever video that referenced Angry Birds in light of the Arab Spring, transforming Arab dictators- Ben Ali, Mubarak, Gaddafi- into pigs that the birds tried to oust, Birdy Nam Nam offers a different take that is no less addictive.

The game was created by two Lebanese brothers, Lebnan & Arz Nader, as well as Jean-Christophe Hoelt. It was downloaded more than 300,000 times since its launch. [Article]

I don’t know why they are comparing it to Angry Birds. It’s a whole different game with different rules. I gave it a try yesterday and it’s not that great.

7 thoughts on “Birdy Nam Nam

  1. Eliedh

    I played the game too, it is well done but the story is not great. I got it for free, but I am not sure I would have bought it if it was a payed app.
    But it’s a great start I guess so I hope they keep making new stuff!

  2. LebExile

    yeah – I downloaded it too – was interesting for about 5 minutes and deleted it. thats 1 buck I wouldn’t mind getting back:(

  3. Oussama

    I can’t find this game in Android market, it’s only for iPhones, iPad ? I have Galaxy Tab so can i get this game on my Tab!

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